“Such A Song” by Nancy Shupp

Aug. 8, 2020 Cathy Hargett, Highway To Zion

Shalom, Shalom, Dear Mishpocha!

I am praising the Lord for this article by Nancy Shupp, “Such A Song”.  I so believe the Lord has given this Word to us through Nancy’s writing.  Please find the article attached.  It has so spoken to me. 
For those in our Kehila, you will remember the last time we were together and the Scriptures that were shared about the “new song”.  

The Lord has given Nancy such a depth of interpretation about this “song”.  Let Him speak His truth to your heart and be stirred by the Ruach to receive and sing “such a song”!

Bless you!!
I love you! Cathy

Cathy Hargett Highway to Zion Ministries, Inc. www.highwaytozion.org

Nancy Shupp, Lincolnton, North Carolina

Such a Song” by Nancy Shupp

At a recent meeting, a man read a verse that had the phrase “such a song” in it.  For some reason this phrase resonated so deep within my spirit that I still haven’t recovered.  It’s like the word burrowed to the very core of my being and stirred up an excitement that had long been dormant.

When I think of the phrase “such a”, I hear a proud mother saying “He’s such a good boy” or a pastor declaring “The Bible is such a treasure”.  It’s a superlative that means extraordinary, beyond the normal or unique and special in some way.  

When I think of “such a song”, I think of both a new song and a new kind of song.  It’s not just the words, although I think songs are about to be sung that will have words that will stir our emotions and contain power beyond our comprehension.  It’s not just the music, although I believe we’ll hear melodies that are so radical that we’ll be transported into heavenly realms as we listen in awe.  It’s not even the combination of words and music, although I believe the most glorious compositions ever heard in the history of the world are about to burst on the scene.

The songs that will cause us to exclaim “such a song” will be downloads from Heaven with power to accomplish God’s purposes.  We need new songs to praise and worship our God more adequately.  Men have tried through the ages to sing of His beauty, glory and power, but even our best attempts fall so far short of how wonderful He is.  But Heaven is filled with beings who worship at his throne continually and can download a small segment for us to experience before we join them in their worship.  Can you imagine a song that makes you actually see the Father high and lifted up and that causes you to fall more in love with Him every time you hear it?  Or a song that brings you to your knees as the wonder of His salvation and faithfulness floods over you once again?

Other songs will be given to bring salvation and deliverance.  Shackles will fall off and spiritual eyes will open as the world hears such a song that the demons have to flee, leaving people able to respond to the wooing of the Holy Spirit.  Such a song that drug addicts will be set free.  Such a song that those held in bondage to all manner of perversion will be found sitting clothed in their right minds.

There will be songs of healing for spirit, mind and body.  The Bible tells of David playing a song on his harp that would calm the troubled spirit and mind of King Saul.  New songs will bring instantaneous healing of all manner of diseases, infirmities and deformities.  Such a song that crippled children will run and play.  Such a song that cancers will dissolve.  Relationships will be mended with one melody from Heaven.  Broken hearts will find peace and comfort as they hear the glorious song.

You may be like me and have absolutely no musical ability and think all you need to do is wait for others to download these songs so you can hear them.  But these songs aren’t limited to our ability, only our availability.  It’s time for every Christian to have such a song as part of both their armor and their weapons of warfare. Your song may be unpleasant to the ear because you sing out of tune.  But if it’s a true download, the sound will bypass the brain and ears and go straight to the spirit and accomplish its purpose.  The words of your song may not be in a language that’s spoken here on earth, but it will be easily understood by those who hear it sung under the anointing.  I believe the Lord will even give some people the ability to play instruments they’ve never played to accompany their song.

Determine in your heart today that you will give the Lord no rest until He has downloaded such a song that your world and everyone in it will be changed for His glory.

Glory to You, Lord!

Steve Martin

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