Aug. 4, 2020 THEY CURSED TRUMP WHILE THEY BURNED THE BIBLESby mariomurilloministries

How do you think the Black Lives Matter protesters who were burning Bibles knew that their desecration of the Word of God should be accompanied by ‘f-bombs’ and curses against Donald Trump? What connection is there between the President and the Bible? If the demons that are driving the mindless rioters know the connection, the real question is, ‘Why haven’t millions of Christians figured it out?

The Marxists who control BLM know Donald Trump is a firewall against their scheme to destroy the American Dream and every freedom. Why doesn’t the church believe that? Their hatred and venom are constantly being spewed demonically toward Trump and the church because both entities serve a divine purpose. How embarrassing is it if mindless communists have more discernment and revelation than millions of American Christians?

The screamers around that fire can’t help themselves. Demons typically manifest around hateful campfires. They are screaming, ‘We hate your Bible, we hate your God and we hate the man that God sent to stop us.’

The most important goal for the enemy, is the election of Joe Biden. That is the dream of the powers of darkness. Biden is the quintessential shill to the most wicked heart ever to darken the door of the Oval Office. No one ever hated America more than Barack Obama. No one ever worked harder to dismantle the church and obliterate our national history.

The masked marauders of Portland know that Biden will be a third term of Obama. That searing point was driven home at John Lewis’ funeral where one more time Barack Obama shamed himself. The speech at House Representative John Lewis’ funeral began as a fitting tribute to a true American hero. He recounted not only Lewis’s bravery in fighting racism in his youth, but his political skill in helping to bring about changes to secure the rights of all Americans. Towards the end, however, Obama sank into a rambling diatribe of radical demands. He just can’t help himself.

He shamed himself at a funeral once before. It was at the service for the 5 police officers who were assassinated just for being cops. He ranted about police brutality in front of the widows and children of the slain officers.

A Biden presidency makes both rioters and devils squeal with delight. But once again, the church doesn’t see it—or worse won’t see it. The rioters know exactly why they must elect Biden, yet the church still doesn’t know why they must stop him.

‘Christian Never Trumpers’ (a term that makes as much sense as a glass nail) never tell you about the need to stop Biden. They soothe their guilty consciences with the false claim that “they will vote their conscience.” That conscience—if it even exists—could never co-exist with the puppet-president Biden in the White House.

Common sense wouldn’t let them do it. Reason would stop them dead in their tracks. So, they must, at all costs, deflect and deny the obvious: Voting for anyone but Trump is a vote for Biden. And not voting is voting.

Third grade math tells you there is only one of the two who can be President. You know what each man stands for. Many Christians dodge the question that is the only question: What are you doing with your vote? How are you using your vote to stop evil?

Let us hope that the 30 million evangelical Christians who did not bother to vote in 2016 will wake up before it is too late, and support President Trump as he stands against the barbarians at the gates.

Psalm 94:16 says, Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will stand for me against those who practice iniquity?

How shameful would it be to lose America, because devil-driven Marxists understood better than the church what God was trying to do to save them?

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