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This week I had an encounter with the Lord and I felt a strong urgency in my spirit as He spoke these words “I CARE ABOUT HOW MY PEOPLE CARRY WHAT THEY CARRY” There was such a strong emphasis from the Lord on ‘stewardship’. I felt so strongly that the Lord was speaking about the stewardship of gifting, anointing, platforms, mantles in this hour.

I heard the Lord say “I am looking for those who will steward in purity. I am looking for CLEAN HANDS AND PURE HEARTS. For My eyes are roaming the earth looking for those who will steward with purity because they love Me and for the Glory of My name. For as My eyes roam I am seeing much impurity. I am seeing the impurity in stewardship. There has been great impurity in the hearts of many in the stewardship of gifting, anointing and platforms in this hour.

In this hour of where there has been a divine Selah, in this hour of great change, in this hour of reformation, I have called My people deep into the fire of purification. I have called My people deep into the place of humility, into the deeper place of trust, into the deeper place of intimacy and wisdom to prepare for what is to come, but many have not taken Me at My call. Many have continued to use their gifting, their anointing and platforms for one thing that has grieved My heart and out of My love for My Church I am calling out this impurity. Many have been using their gifting, their anointing and their platforms for SELFISH GAIN.” 

When the Lord spoke those words “SELFISH GAIN” the atmosphere around me thundered. I could feel such a thundering and such a shaking in the atmosphere as He spoke those words. He then continued to speak: “This is the hour, this is the era where MY Name is going to be lifted high in the earth. This is the hour where I will be revealed as the King of Glory (Psalm 24:7-9). This is the hour where I am going to reveal and reintroduce the Church to My power. This is the hour where I am going to move in mighty ways and there will be outstanding unprecedented demonstrations of My miraculous power, but I am grieved for many in My Church are HUNGRY FOR POWER.

They seek Me for what My hand can provide. They seek Me for My revelation so they may rule and reign, but this is the hour where I am bringing My people into a place of greater humility and purity in the stewardship of gifting, anointing and mantles and bringing My people into the higher place of understanding their position of being seated with Me (Ephesians 2:6) and ruling and reigning with Me. Too many in My Church are trying to hold onto the reigns. Too many are refusing to let go of the reigns, and I continue to call, I continue to embrace these ones and call them into right alignment with Me but they refuse to hear.

Out of My love I continue to speak, I continue to draw them but their fingers are in their ears and they don’t want to hear. I am longing and desperately calling My Church in this selah time into the place of deeper alignment with Me in intimacy as My friends, but many will not hear. Many are refusing to respond. This is the hour to go deep in Psalm 139:23-24 but many refuse to come. They are driven by selfish gain.

This is the hour where I am calling My people deeper into the place of intimacy and friendship with Me and in this place there will be a greater tenderising of the heart, a deeper wisdom released and a deeper preparation by My Spirit to partner with Me in what is to come. What I am going to do on the earth.

This is an hour of repentance and My eyes are roaming the earth looking for those who are in the place of repentance and stewarding with purity so that I may release upon them greater revelation of the strategy, wisdom of My heart and power to carry My Glory in the new thing I am doing (Isaiah 43) 


My heart was so deeply grieved and moved by what I was hearing the Lord say. My heart began to cry out for these ones with their ‘fingers in their ears’. I could feel the lure of ‘false comfort’ that they lived in. I could feel the lure of the idols and the worship of things other than the Lord that was keeping them captive and I could keep the burning, fierce, love of God that was calling them out of these places of false comfort, out of these places of hunger for selfish gain, out of this place of spiritual prostitution, and into the place of repentance to allow the fire of God to purify and to cleanse so they would be rightly positioned and ready for what God was about to release. 

I then heard the Lord say “My Glory is coming! My Glory is coming! My Glory is coming! My Glory is coming!” and He kept repeating it over and over. I felt He was repeating it out of His burning love and desire for His people to be in right alignment with Him and also out of urgency because of the ‘imminence’ of the beginning of the weight of His Glory coming in a way that we have never seen or experienced before. 

The Lord then spoke again “My Glory will not reside where there is impurity. Those that will house My Glory are those that have steward what they carry in purity because they minister to Me and are friends with Me. Their hearts before Me are pure and there is no mixture within them, they are like the sons of Zadok. This is the hour where there will be MIGHTY demonstrations of My Glory that will be carried by those who are living in purity and ministering to Me is their greatest priority. There is no selfish gain within them but they burn with love and adoration for Me and have no desire for selfish gain or self-exaltation.” 


I heard the Lord say “SOME LIGHTS ARE ABOUT TO GO OUT, SOME LIGHTS ARE ABOUT TO GO OUT” when He spoke those words, by the Spirit of God instantly I knew the Lord was speaking about ‘lampstands’. (Revelation 2) The hour we are in is so urgent, so critical of the stewardship of the heart, stewardship of gifting, anointing and platforms, and in a place where there has been great disobedience and sin, we are about to see some demonstrations of Ichabod take place in the Church. (1 Samuel 4)

God has been looking for those who have been after His heart, those who have been seeking Him, those who have been stewarding in purity, those who have been living in purity, but the Lord showed me there has been an impurity and sin that the Lord has continued to call out for repentance and conviction but there are many who have refused to listen. 

The Lord said to me “There is about to be a mighty shift that is going to take place and in this shift there will be demonstrations of Ichabod in the Church. I have been calling and calling and calling and many refuse to listen.” My heart was so overcome. He then spoke again “The level of My Glory that is going to be seen when this shift takes place is going to be unprecedented. The way My Glory is going to manifest is going to catapult the Church into their greatest days and My Glory being revealed all across the earth and those that carry it will be those who are truly friends with Me and not those who worship revival or the outpouring, but truly are living laid down before Me seeking to know Me and minister to Me, these are the ones that will truly carry My Glory, my manifested presence and this move of My Spirit. It’s time! It’s time! It’s time!” 


I heard the Lord say “SURPRISE! Watch who will arise” – It is going to be shocking and surprising to many who is going to arise carrying the Glory of the Lord in this hour, where the Glory of the Lord is going to reside. There is going to be a very clear distinction in this hour where the stewardship of purity has been and where impurity has resided. In this hour where this arising is going to take place like we have never seen before, it is going to be very clear who the friends of God have been in this hour.

The religious are going to be truly offended by how the Lord moves and where He moves in this hour. Those that have had pride in their hearts and using gifting, anointing and platforms for selfish gain and the worship of self will find offense with where and how the Lord moves as He Glory comes heavier than we have ever seen or experienced before. 

The Lord had me write this prophetic word because I heard the Lord say “Write down what I am saying because I am calling out AGAIN. I am calling out AGAIN for repentance, for a letting go of sin, of spiritual prostitution, of impure stewardship and pride in the heart. I am calling out again. Repent! For My Glory is coming, it is coming, it is coming, it is coming, and those that will house My Glory will be those that have clean hands and pure hearts (Psalm 24:4) and those that have stewarded with purity out of deep friendship with Me.

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