NY’s Metropolitan Art Museum Calls Tefillin (Phylacteries) Muslim ‘Amulet’ – Breaking Israel News

July 29, 2020

NY’s Metropolitan Art Museum Calls Tefillin (Phylacteries) Muslim ‘Amulet’ The set displayed on the website was acquired by the museum in 1962 and is inexplicably on display in the Islamic Art department

Smuggled Sperm Lets Terrorist Prisoner Father a Daughter; PA TV Ensures Murderer Sees Baby When her son was born, the mother stated she was happy to have brought a child into the world this way – “in defiance of the Jews.”

Town in Israel for Ethiopian Jews Only Proposed by Lawmaker Deputy Public Security Minister Gadi Yevarkan says that a community for “olim” from Ethiopia would be the “fulfillment of a dream.”
[WATCH] Moses and the Exodus

[ICYMI] Government Officials Closing Houses of Worship: ‘Wicked as Described by Isaiah’ says Prominent Israeli Rabbinical Court
Time to Call Nasrallah’s Bluff
by Eyal Zisser
Israel has to claim a real price for violations of its sovereignty—from Hezbollah and the Lebanese government that provides its protection
Did Corona Kill Sovereignty by Jonathan Feldstein

Rapper Jay Electronica Calls Rabbi a ‘Coward’ and ‘Devil’ by Jackson Richman

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