THIS is Why All Believers Should Speak in Tongues

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Pastor Todd Smith shares the amazing benefits of speaking in tongues. You won’t want to stop! ▶▶Speaking in Tongues [Book & 2 CDs]:

▶▶Speaking in Tongues [Digital Download]:

Pastor Todd Smith says God in His wisdom sent you a secret weapon no enemy can defeat. It affects every area of your life! How to push back against the storm before it ever starts. No special prayer needs today? Only the Spirit of God really knows. But Pastor Todd Smith says you can have the peace of God through thick and thin—even as you edify your spirit. All Holy Spirit needs is your time. Todd’s new book, Speaking in Tongues -Your Secret Weapon, lays out why tongues stand as one of the most powerful gifts a believer can have.

Then his 10-part audio series, The Power of Praying in Tongues, drives home the hidden advantages, like how to: • Pray without ceasing as you speak mysteries your enemy cannot decipher. It drives the devil crazy! • Overcome temptation (powerful!) • Pray for personal and family needs without a trace of doubt or unbelief! • Birth creative solutions and ideas • Boost your immune system (as reported in medical research) Already speak in tongues? Todd will help you go deeper. He says your mustard seed of faith has no limits in the spirit, where your prayers always birth effectual results. Take it from a former Southern Baptist pastor absolutely opposed to praying in tongues!

Todd Smith serves as lead pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in Dawsonville, GA. In addition, he is host pastor of the North Georgia Revival where thousands of people have experienced fire and healing in its baptismal services.

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