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Rockets Fall, Tensions Rise as Russia Taking Over Syrian Golan
Russia is reportedly “taking the legs out from under Iran and Hezbollah” as a rocket that fell inside Syria spreads shrapnel into Israel

US Warplane “Threatens” Iranian Passenger Jet Over Syria
Several passengers were injured as the Iranian pilots maneuvered aggressively to avoid what the US military described as a routine inflight inspection
Ilhan Omar Accuses Opponent of Being Controlled by Jewish Billionaires
The only names Omar cites in her accusation are Jewish Republicans. Her opponent, a descendant of emancipated slaves, is a Christian supporter of Israel.
[WATCH] Special Report: Is the Iranian Regime Collapsing?
Netanyahu’s deputy social media adviser looks at Trump’s role in the Middle East and explains how a troubled Iranian regime is rooting for a Democratic victory in November
Iranian Govt Threatens to “Employ Other Weaponry” In Response to Foreign Cyber Attacks
While admitting to being targeted by foreign cyberattacks, the Iranian government claims the attacks were unsuccessful, having nothing to do with the almost non-stop wave of explosions and fires that hit military, nuclear, and infrastructure sites in recent weeks.
US Senate Votes to Continue Security Aid to Israel
The Senate passed a $740.5 billion National Defense Authorization Act for 2021 that includes the continuation of American assistance to Israel for missile-defense programs and other initiatives
Prominent Muslim Group and Democratic Elected Officials Join in Endorsement of Biden
Emgage USA came out behind Biden who reciprocated in a virtual address, accusing Donald Trump of being a racist while vowing to end the “vile Muslim ban”
German Court Convicts 93-year-old SS Guard
Stutthof concentration-camp guard is Bruno Dey convicted on 5,232 counts of accessory to murder
The first chapter of Sefer Yeshayahu begins with a description of the devastation caused to Yehuda during the Assyrian invasion of 701 BCE. Only through Hashem’s kindness and mercy, and not through their own merit and strength, do the Jewish people merit to remain in the land…LEARN »
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