Judean Rabbi Defends Christians as Tsunami of “Anti-God” Attacks Targets Churches – Breaking Israel News

July 23, 2020 Judean Rabbi Defends Christians as Tsunami of “Anti-God” Attacks Targets Churches
Churches around the country were vandalized after a call by a leader in BLM, but a Rabbi in Judea is responding with a call “for believers in God to band together and stand up for each other.

Next Stage of Cyber-War: 7 Iranian Ships Catch Fire in Port, 2 Attacks Targeting Israel Water System Thwarted
A cyber attack targeting Israel’s water system for the second time in recent months, was followed by explosions at an Iranian port, also the second time in recent months.

Jordan Decides Muslim Brotherhood Too Radical While Obama Admin Supported Brotherhood
Jordan’s top court dissolved the country’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood as being too radical, while Obama and Hillary Clinton supported the Trump-designated terrorist organization.

[WATCH] IDF Intelligence Unit Makes Technological Breakthrough
The elite IDF Intelligence Unit 9900 utilized artificial intelligence and neural networks to enable soldiers to precisely locate hidden enemies and target them without endangering civilians around them

Uproar on Social Media: Google Maps Removed Palestine But Truth Is It Was Never There
There is no history of Palestine ever existing but that doesn’t prevent an internet outrage over the country’s borders being excluded from Google maps
Assisting Israel’s Elderly With Dementia During Corona
Partnering with Israel365 facilitated the continuation of this project protecting one of the most vulnerable sectors of society; seniors living with dementia.
One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Israeli and American Teams Develop New Approach to Tailoring Cancer Therapy
A new Israel-US cooperative project will help doctors tailor cancer treatments to more effectively help the individual patient
JOB 6:27
In Sefer Yeshayahu, the impending destruction of the Land of Israel and exile of its people is attributed to the corruption of the residents of Yerushalayim. Yeshayahu illustrates this corruption with examples…LEARN»
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