Charlie Shamp: “I Saw a Supernatural Shift Over Washington DC”

July 17, 2020 THE ELIJAH LIST

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:
Steve Shultz
I am so excited for what the Lord has planned over our nation and our capital in Washington DC.I’ve heard prophetic voices say there are so many angels, mighty ones, who are in our nation’s capital warring in the spirit…to cleanse and to accomplish God’s plans there.

I want you to be very encouraged in this recent word of the Lord that Prophet Charlie Shamp released on June 26, 2020. It is full of powerful revelation that will help you to SEE what God is doing and how we can pray and cooperate to see God’s glory…yes, it will be seen!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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I Saw a Supernatural Shift Over Washington DC” Charlie Shamp, Nashville, TN

Prophetic word released on June 26, 2020:

Watch for the Shifting Temperature

There is something shifting over Washington. The Lord says, “Watch for the shifting temperature. Watch for the shifting temperature over Washington DC. Watch for the whirling winds, for the storm.”The Lord says, “It will be a sign – not a sign of destruction, but a sign of cleansing. For even over Washington there has been a demonic storm that has attempted to surface. But,” the Lord says, “I shall bring a storm and wipe out the darkness – a contrary wind. The weight of My glory shall come in and rest upon the nation’s capital.

“The enemy will cringe in fear. People will fall on their hands and knees in repentance,” the Lord says. “For there will be a tent set up, a tent set up where the Presence will come…even close to the White House. There shall be a tent of My presence that will release My power, for there shall be a wind that will be contrary to this demonic storm. The wind will usher in the rain.”

A Sign: The Rain and the Bow

The Lord says, “Watch for the rain, but the sign will be a rainbow, a rainbow, a rainbow manifesting over the White House. And some will not recognize the sign; they’ll think it is something else, but it will be a sign of restoration. It shall be a sign of My promise; the promise of My presence and the restoration. 

“Even as there has been this lockdown and satan would have used it to sift the Body of Christ as wheat,” says the Lord, “get ready for the harvest, for the fields are ripe. And the ark, the place of confinement that you thought you were in during this last storm, shall be a release and place where a new day will come. And people will walk free and be filled with the fire.“Watch for the sign,” says the Lord, “a bow, a bow – a rainbow.

Yes, a rain, but look for the bow, for it will be a sign of restoration and deliverance. It shall be a sign of the Lord’s deliverance, an open Heaven over this nation – an arrow of the Lord’s deliverance. And the peace of God will come. The presence of God will come and rest. 

Days of refreshing and restoration will come.

“Look not at the things you see with your natural eye, for gross darkness, great darkness, is all around, but the light of God – the light of the Lord – the sevenfold radiation of the Holy Spirit will be seen…the rainbow, the rainbow marking a new day.”

Where the devil came to steal, kill and destroy, God has lifted up a banner, a banner of love over this nation. Thus it shall be manifested in a sign of a rainbow over the White House for all to see – a bow. It will look like a canopy. It will glow…the glory of the Lord will be seen.

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Charlie Shamp and The Elijah List
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Charlie and Brynn Shamp are the founders of Destiny Encounters International. They have a true passion for revival and the glory of God. Compelled by the heart of the Father to seek and save the lost, they are releasing God’s love to the world seeing the captives delivered, the sick healed, and lives changed. Charles and Brynn believe that through outreach, missions, and crusade evangelism, one life changed can impact a nation and transform a generation.

Charles and Brynn have answered the call to lead a generation in the movement of both the Word and the Spirit. With the power of an encounter they are truly unlocking a generation’s destiny one heart at a time. Find us o

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