So Many Jews are Returning to Israel that the Govt. is Worried they won’t be Able to Absorb them and Today’s Top Stories – Breaking Israel News

So Many Jews are Returning to Israel that the Govt. is Worried they won’t be Able to Absorb Them
The committee called for making the citizenship process shorter than it currently is

China Bails out Iran Turning Islamic Republic into Chinese Colony
The deal, according to various sources, also features an appendix of military cooperation with a focus is on “production of armaments and an exchange of experience in asymmetric warfare.”

New Defense Contract Indicates an Israeli Strike on Iran in 2 Years
The announcement has led to conjecture that the urgency for in-flight refueling comes as a result of concern of an Iranian reprisal to a wave of explosions targeting military and nuclear sites in Iran

[WATCH] Tens of Thousands Take to Tel Aviv Streets to Protest Israeli Government’s Inaction
Uri Zaki and Michael Kleiner debate over the government’s response to the economic crisis after COVID019 and protests in Tel Aviv on June 11, 2020

Top Hamas Commander Defects to Israel:
Terror Group Scrambles to Clean House
The terrorist group has arrested 16 of its own members on suspicion of spying for Israel

Israel’s Energy Minister: Impose 10-day Nationwide Lockdown
Yuval Steinitz says that closing the country down to combat the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases will benefit the economy in the long term, arguing that the government was too quick to ease restrictions.
JUDGES 16:30
Shimshon’s prayer to die among his Philistine oppressors, taking his own life for the sake of his people, is one of the most stirring scenes in the Bible. Shimshon has served as a model for soldiers of Israel who have been willing to give up their lives to save the Jewish people……LEARN »
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