His Lighthouse newsletter – Nissim & Hadassah Lerner, Israel – “Corona Lock Down”

Ashdod, Israel – where the vision was birthed

July 7, 2020 Corona Lock Down

It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch! With so many changes going on, I imagine we were all going through similar transitions! Are you tired of hearing about ‘Corona’? Apparently, it’s not over yet so I guess we’d better prepare for a long haul in prayer.

In Israel we had seasons of total lock-down and limited mobility. Roads and neighborhoods shut during special holidays or to quarantine whole areas. Those who are ‘elderly’ are to stay away from even family. So Passover was spent with just the two of us. Other than not seeing the GrandWonders for about 8 weeks, we decided to take advantage of our time. We KNEW it was God’s doing and we wanted to make very day count.

Having an Olim ministry house but no Olim, we knew we needed to fill the time with the ‘small’ preparations for when they start coming again. When not in a total mental/emotional shut down (yes, we had those moments too) we worked on the following ‘little’ preparations:

  • Finished a 30 week counseling classes (thanks to ZOOM)
  • Formed an Advisory board for His Lighthouse Inc
  • Enjoyed online bible studies with David Pawson- which we highly recommended (https://www.davidpawson.org/)

Two of the Advisory Board- Great Intercessors!

Made house operating schedule

  • Planted gardens
  • Knitted gifts
  • Found future volunteers
  • Started a database of homes available in The Land  for Olim
  • Made a Promo video
  • Cleaned out and made all spaces visitor ready
  • Painted
  • Put aside 2 months of supplies (food, toiletries, paper goods etc.)
  • Priced storage and housing units

New Paint job

And prayed, and prayed and worshipped and just enjoyed being locked away with the Lord

What were your experiences? Lessons learned? Activities?

to share!

Amazing what can be done with shipping containers!

Is the Time of the Hunters Beginning?

When the Lord gave Nissim the assignment of preparing ‘His Lighthouse’- a kibbutz style complex to receive large amounts of immigrants- the task seemed overwhelming.  And still does. To prepare a community, a safe harbor, for about 500 people is surreal. At the time, we knew according to scripture, that this huge Aliyah would happen one day. It didn’t seem possible because all was going quite well for the Jewish people- especially in the United States.

Ashdod- where the vision was birthed

Hadassah went to The States this past September to share the Word the Lord has given us about the upcoming time of the ‘Hunters’ (Jeremiah 16:16) that will force God’s people home. Many Christians received the word deeply and are seeking God as to their part in facilitating this Aliyah. Many Christians didn’t understand and let the ‘seed’ fall to the wayside. Most Jews- Messianic and otherwise resisted the idea that they need to come at all much less that there will be difficult times ahead. And, as always, the thought is “If things get bad, Israel is always there waiting for us.”

However, 4 months later- the first ‘Hunter’ came. Its name is ‘Corona’. For the first time since statehood, the borders of Israel are closed. Shut. There is no coming to Israel for anyone unless they are already a citizen. With quarantines and restrictions on movement and religious practice, a good amount of Jewish people (especially) in New York correctly read the signs of the times. God was trying to get their attention. That which is His FIRST BEST which they did not value, was no longer available to them- Eretz Israel. Being denied all they took for granted has turned their hearts towards The Land. Towards Home.

As of now, there are approximately 90-100,000 Jews that desire to make Aliyah within in the next year. Their immigration papers are being processed while they wait. Although, Hadassah spoke with and Orthodox woman from Brooklyn and she said they cannot even get to her application until sometime in WINTER!!

When the doors finally open, our home is available for them to stay and begin their process. As the numbers increase, we hope to rent more houses while we finish the building of the new community.

It’s an exciting time to be living! We KNOW we cannot DO any of this and that it is TOTALLY a work of the Lord.

Would you like to join us in this preparation for the last Ingathering before Messiah returns? We are seeking intercessors- those who will be praying with us as we walk this through to completion. If that is an area you would like to partner with us, please send us an email.


  • Finish setting up the social media outlets (website, FaceBook, newsletter)
  • Guidance in searching for property for the ‘safe harbor’ complex
  • More prayer partners and intercessors
  • Finances to meet each new need (for His Lighthouse & the Aliyah)
  • Prepare Israel to receive the new immigrants- infrastructure
  • Stir the hearts of the Jewish people with homesickness for Israel
  • Christians to rise up the their destiny in carrying God’s children home on their shoulders

Thank you each & every one for your prayers, words of encouragement and financial support. We are in this together—preparing the King’s Highway!

Nissim& Hadassah Lerner His Lighthouse Inc


Nissim & Hadassah Lerner

The King of Israel, the LORD, is in your midst;
            You will fear disaster no more. Zephaniah 3:15

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