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I’ve had many requests from people asking if I’d seen Pastor Dana Coverstone’s “3 prophetic dreams” video. I have, and I want to tell you how I think these dreams are both legitimate and not accurate at the same time. In 1 Samuel 23, David knew Saul was plotting evil against him, so he asked God would Saul and his men come to Keilah, and God said yes.

He then asked if the men of Keilah would give them up to Saul, and again, God said yes. So what happened next? Saul and his men left Keilah because God had shown them what would happen if they stayed on their current course. This is what I think the prophetic dreams video is – a sampling of foreknowledge from God, telling us, “don’t do that.” God didn’t show David the future; he showed him a future that would be the consequences of the wrong choices.

That’s the meaning I take from the three prophetic dreams video, God showing us how bad things can get if the church keeps making the wrong choices. America is in our fourth crucible. The first crucible was the revolution; the second crucible was the civil war, the third crucible was the great depression, and we’re in the fourth right now. In the second crucible, Lincoln had to deal with the same situations we’re dealing with now.

The Blue States wanted to secede from the union, shut down the economy, destroy the United States. They don’t mind hurting people, and if they can create enough chaos, they can say, “America is on the wrong path, we need to change.” Just look at Black Lives Matter, all the money they get is funneled into the Democrats. Your sons and daughters have been indoctrinated. They’ve been discipled vigorously. They get it from entertainment and social media. They get it from school because the college professors are jamming it down their throats.

It’s just unfortunate that we’re not waking up because the awakening is for us, not for the unbeliever. The awakening that God sent to the Jews was a judgment to get their attention on God’s project. Then when the Jews focused on building God’s house, awakening happened to the Jews that repented. The repentance is for us, not for the progressive Marxist.

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