“Riverfront Property” – prophetic word by Nancy Shupp

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July 5, 2020 Charlotte, North Carolina

Greetings Mishpocha (Hebrew, “family and friends”),

Please find attached a beautiful word of revelation from our sister, Nancy Shupp, entitled “Riverfront Property”.  On this hot day, I think we all will relate to it even better! 

Nancy shared on this concept of “riverfront property” at our last Kehila and prophesied over us that we are “riverfront property”.  I know you will be blessed by this! We bless our Elohim for His rivers of living Water!

Love in our Messiah Yeshua! Cathy

Cathy Hargett, Highway To Zion Founder

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“Riverfront Property” – prophetic word by Nancy Shupp

People are naturally drawn to water.  There is something about it that calms us and just generally lifts our spirits.  And there are so many unique ways to have fun in the water.  That’s why waterfront properties always command a premium price.  We’re willing to spend more to have easy access to water with all its beauty and restorative properties.

In John 7:38 the Bible says, “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”.  God wants His children to be riverfront property.  People that others want to be around and ones where there is a premium on our presence.  As rivers of living water flow from us, those around us are blessed, encouraged and refreshed.

Most Christians are not riverfront property.  Some are desert-front property and being in their presence sucks life and joy from us instead of refreshing us.  Others are glacier-front property where everything is cold and lifeless.  And still other Christians are volcano-front property where there is constant danger of destructive eruptions.

Amid all this, how wonderful it is to find someone who is riverfront property.  To be able to have conversations about the deep things of the Spirit, to enjoy spiritual adventures as we launch out into the deep and to receive fresh revelation when our streams merge into the river from the throne room.  When we leave those people, we have been ministered to in ways that can only happen at the river.  I’m willing to drive long distances, spend money, change plans and bypass other people to be in the presence of riverfront property people. 

Psalms 1:3 says, “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper”.  Not only does God want us to be riverfront property, He wants us to plant ourselves among others who are riverfront property.  He wants us to be fruitful and prosperous because we’re in fellowship with those who can share their river when we’re experiencing drought.  When we’re sick or in pain, we can reach out to the river and be healed.  When we’re discouraged, we can find new hope and joy.  There is safety, peace and prosperity when planted in a riverfront community of believers.

Psalms 46:4 says, “There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High”.  God’s desire is for each of us to allow the rivers of living waters flowing from us to become streams in a larger river.  All of Heaven, even into the holy place, rejoices when riverfront property people connect to form an oasis in a dry and thirsty land – a visible representation of His kingdom on earth.

So how do we become riverfront property?  First we need to repent and clean out all the junk in our lives so there are no hinderances to the flow.  Next we seek deep communion with the Lord so that we can easily hear and obey His voice.  The rivers that God wants to flow from us is the expression of His love, glory, wisdom and power.  The Bible says rivers, not a river, of living water will flow from believers.  Only the Father knows what type of river needs to flow to each person you meet.  Only He can tell you what to say and do to open the floodgates to release the river or rivers that person needs at that time.

I pray that your heart is deluged with such a desire to be riverfront property and to connect with other riverfront properties that it becomes your primary goal in life.  Let the River flow.

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