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June 20, 2020

Shalom dear friends and prayer partners,

What a joy to reconnect with some of my dear friends recently at their homegroup. Often travelers would join in this homegroup, but since the lockdown, it’s mostly just with local Jewish believers. Throughout the worship, the L-rd poured out new songs and everyone felt free to declare a prophetic word or scripture. At one point the L-rd gave me a new song about the breath of G-d.

After the worship, everyone began to share their hearts and an Israeli who’s been coming for a long time said she kept hearing one word all evening – Neshima – breath. Then she confessed that she believes in Yeshua but she cannot say His name. So I shared the new blessing that G-d gave me and spoke it over her prophetically.

One by one other Israelis joined in, encouraging her to declare His name and His glory, but she said that because of the history and the pain from that name, although she believes in Him, she cannot say His name. But can you really believe in Yeshua and not be able to say His name? At last, a very dear mutual friend stood up and encouraged her to repent of her sins and confess the name of Yeshua, the only One who can bring healing and deliverance from her past. 

Ronit led this precious Israeli in a prayer and she came into the fullness of declaring Yeshua as her Messiah and King. And so another natural olive branch that was once broken off has been grafted back in!

Praying od v’od, Adon – more and more, L-rd!

Enjoy and be blessed by our newest music video!

“Do all things without grumbling or complaining, so that you will prove yourselves to be blameless and innocent, children of G-d above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine like stars in the universe, holding fast the word of life.” Phil 2:14-16a

Shine Like Stars
Recently I hadn’t been shining like a star in the universe because of kvetching (complaining) too much about current events. During recent encounters with Israelis at parks and other places, conversations often became complaints, so I’d pray on how to put some hope into the conversation, the hope that only Yeshua can bring. But a complaining tongue puts a damper on any offering of hope.

Then I really felt a conviction from the L-rd so I made a conscious decision to stop complaining and start sharing testimonies about the wonderful things He’s done in my life. Adonai responded and right afterward, I had a divine appointment at a grocery store and was able to share! The next day I had an amazing opportunity to share with a soldier on a bus ride home for over an hour. She was full of questions and it was clear she’s been searching. Then the following day I had a divine appointment with a new neighbor – I just marvel at the faithfulness of our G-d!

But this doesn’t mean we pretend that all is well because it’s clear that the “new normal” is ushering in a new season of more intense birth pains. Looking from Adonai’s perspective I see a lot of lost and hurting people who desperately need the Savior – Yeshua. So I choose to look at the lost with G-d sight, through His eyes of compassion for those who are perishing and then speak of the hope within!

Back in the studio with Andrey Levin and another new song called “Breathe”!

Media Team Shabbat
We pray that the hand of G-d will rest upon each of you during this season of shaking. May He remove the spirit of fear and give you power, love and a sound mind in Yeshua’s name!

Carolyn and Richard

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