Behind the Scenes Realities … and Call to Action. This Sunday, June 21st, followers of Lucifer are mobilizing marches and gatherings in parks around the world to proclaim a one-world government. -Morris Ruddick

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Behind the Scenes Realities … and Call to Action From Morris Ruddick 
Since its inception in early 1996, SIGN has sought to understand the times in order to know what to do. The following post is sobering. It represents a timely execution of that mission, designed to target and mobilize concerned, serious intercessors and prayer-warriors … with an unveiling of behind the scenes occult activities, with a time-sensitive call to action.
This Sunday, June 21st, followers of Lucifer are mobilizing marches and gatherings in parks around the world to proclaim a one-world government. Wisdom calls for not just serious prayer, but a pre-emptive spiritual strike prior to these events.
In doing so, it is time to be spiritually sober and focused. To be operating under the covering of the blood of Jesus. To consciously maintain the full armor of God. To be intimately in-tune with the Lord, staying consistently close to Him. To be humbly obedient to the Spirit and His Truth, avoiding fear and distractions. Here are the details.
Understanding the Times
Occult members of every variety within every country, including Israel, are being contacted and mobilized through social media … and called upon to participate in this global Summer Solstice declaration. The invitations give location information by city. Times are set to each local time between 2 pm and 11 pm, again each in their own time zone, this Sunday, June 21st. Below is one of the recruitment invitations from Facebook.
We are the Disciples of Lucifer. And we are here to fulfill the Prophecies of Revelations and start the foundation of forming a One World Government on the Summer Solstice. We are calling on every citizen of Earth to stand in support of the formation of The One World Government. So, on June 21st, 2020 we’re calling on every citizen of the Earth to start marches all over the place in support of forming a one world government. Where does it start? It starts with you … how can you help create your own chapter in your town, plan marches, and spread the word of forming a one world government? Tell your friends, your family, your co-workers and random people on the streets, that the time to form a One World Government is NOW. The time to fulfill the prophecy is now. Help! Do your part to support the formation of a One World Government by making events for June 21st. Pass out flyers and tell everyone you know to support the formation of the One World Government. We are calling on every Palestinian and Israelite to come to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on June 21st at 2 P.M. We will fulfill the prophecy and build the new Temple of Solomon. This new Temple of Solomon will be for everyone: Palestinian, Israelite and any outsider. The only way for the Palestinian-Israelite conflict to end is for a one world government to be initiated. All Palestinians and Israelites are invited to the Luciferian March for a One World Government. Do your part to make this happen. Search out what is being done in your city and get involved or initiate. These marches are also being scheduled across the U.S., including Jacksonville, Florida …. Raleigh, North Carolina … Cincinnati, Ohio …. Columbus, Ohio … Washington, DC … Madison, WI … Buffalo, New York … Niagara Falls, NY … Salem, OR. Check for your local gathering and march. Participate! (Source: Facebook)
Knowing What to Do
Paul admonished the Thessalonians: “Let us not sleep as others do, but let us watch and be sober.” Likewise, Scripture tells us to: “Resist the devil and he will flee.”
It’s a time to figuratively raise our staffs, as Moses did before crossing the Red Sea. It’s a time to conduct pre-emptive spiritual strikes prior to this event ….in locations and parks where these marches and gatherings are planned. It’s a time to soberly make proclamations based on the Truth of God’s word … to speak His peace over the evil storms that have been raging … and over the organizers of initiatives such as this.
Peace be still over this brewing storm, in the Name that is above all names, in the Name of Yeshua the Messiah.
In times past, the Lord has confronted and done amazing things in countering advances of evil through the leadership of a single individual: Moses, Elijah for example. How much more, when we join together in singleness of purpose.
Suggested Call to Action and Prayer Focus
Check with your city’s Parks department to learn where permits have allowed these marches and gatherings. Be on the lookout for Facebook announcements. First, pray! Ask the Lord for insights and guidance as you pray.
Then go with small groups, during daylight, prior to the time of this event in your area. Ensure you are prayed-up and in the Spirit before going.
As was the case years ago, when I was a part of taking Bibles into closed access areas, pray for the Lord’s cover in hiding you from any watchers or from backlash, as you go forth.
Take authority, pray in the Spirit and break any claims or covenants or spiritually legal claims over the area that may have been made over this ground in the past.
Claim your city as a sanctuary city for the Lord and His Kingdom. Pray that His presence and angelic protection would prevail over the region and your town/city. Discern!
Declare that your area, your city belongs to the Lord. Again, declare it to be a sanctuary for Him. Ask the Lord to act on behalf of His Holy Name and for the sake of His people.
Pray that the Lord would cleanse all defilement and the spilling of innocent blood from any time in the past over your area, by virtue of the holy blood and confirmed by scripture, being applied by the righteous. …. and that the blood of Jesus would break any claims or covenants to this ground that may have resulted from occult rituals, by unrepented sin, or by the spilling of blood.
Expect miracles to result!

Steve Martin

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