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June 13, 2020
After much deliberation, the Sanhedrin made a decision reflecting a Torah basis for a proper political process involving lands promised to the Descendants of Abraham.

Evangelical Leader Calls on Christian Leaders to Condemn Anti-Semitism in BLM Manifesto
“Black Lives Matter cannot lead the charge against racism while advocating the destruction of the only Jewish State and staying silent when churches and synagogues come under attack during their protests.”

Jerusalem Police Issue Rare Ban to Islamic Waqf Guard for Praising Terrorist
The Jerusalem Police issued a rare five-month ban from the Temple Mount compound to an Islamic Waqf guard who praised arch-terrorist Ramadan Shalah over the Waqf’s radio system

US Sanctions ICC: Court Officials Pushing War Crimes’ Investigation Against Allies
“The International Criminal Court is being misused by the Palestinians and others to pursue political campaigns against democracies, while distorting international law,” tweeted Ayelet Shaked.
[WATCH] Ami Horowitz Discovers Peaceful Protesters Aren’t so Peaceful
The documentarian went to a protest to give them the good news that there is no evidence that police target black people. SPOILER ALERT: It didn’t go well
[WATCH] BIN Reporter Speaks to Laura Densmore About Christian Initiative That May Bring About Zechariah’s Prophecy
The initiative brings Christians to repent for their sins against the Jews, hoping to bring about the prophetic change changing the Jewish day of mourning on the Ninth of Av into a joyous day of feasting.

Senate Armed Services Committee Votes to Continue Security Aid, Jets to Israel
The Pentagon blueprint for the upcoming year allocates $500 million towards missile-defense systems in Israel

American Jews Seek Real Estate in Israel Post-COVID-19
“Purchasing apartments is a safe investment in the long term,” said U.S.-based investor and investing consultant Nathan Silver.
International Involvement in Temporarily Assuaged India-China Border Tensions
International powers are beginning to choose sides in the border dispute between China and India over the highest altitude real estate in the world
For the sake of his beloved friend Yehonatan, King David gives Mefiboshet a place at his table in the royal palace in Yerushalayim. As Yerushalayim is the city of peace, it stands to reason that this is the place where King David made such a peaceful gesture…LEARN »
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