Riots in America: ‘Replay of Civil War in Egypt Before Exodus as Described by Isaiah’ and Today’s Top Stories – Breaking Israel News

June 2, 2020 The final redemption is going to have elements of the Exodus from Egypt. This is what we are seeing now because otherwise, it does not make sense.

Secret Deal Results in Saudi Arabia Challenging Turkey for Control of Temple Mount
“The Palestinian Authority is, unfortunately, allying with Turkey for the money since they don’t want to lose power and relinquish power to Hamas,” Dr. Kedar noted

Iran and Turkey Support Violent Riots in US
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan took to Twitter calling for “punishment”

[WATCH] Bricks Randomly Showing Up at Protests Across the US
Pallets of bricks are randomly showing up at George Floyd protests across the US. This was at Dallas, TX Fayetteville, NC and Manhattan, NY

Israel Reveals New Corona-Emergency Laws and They’re Terrifying
“Until now, I mocked all the conspiracy theorists and supported the state’s health regulations. But this is taking it to a level I won’t agree to.”

Fatah: “Last warning,” threatens “Explosion” and “Self-Sacrifice,” if Israel annexes Judea-Samaria
Abbas pointing his finger and saying: “Last warning, the evil deeds will return and harm the evil one.”
Though King Shaul had tried to kill David, David deeply mourns his death and that of his close friend Yehonatan, Shaul’s son…LEARN »
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