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Melissa (Jonathan in background) Helser), Bethany Music

May 31, 2020

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“Revival’s In The Air” by Melissa Helser from our new album “Revival’s In The Air”, EVERYWHERE…

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Molly Skaggs, Melissa Helser

Lyrics: Verse 1 I can feel redemption on the wind Forgiveness like the tide rolling in Taking up the space where shame has lived Receiving all that You died to give Chorus Let the wind blow, let the tide roll Till the earth knows, You’re a God of Love Let my dry bones sing a new song All the glory to the God of Love Verse 2 I can see a valley of dry bones Rattling, moving bone to bone You breathe the breath of life into our lungs Marching on our knees we march to love Bridge Revival’s in the air Catch it if you can He’s moving on the wind The dawn is breaking Lift your eyes to see He’s better than you dreamed Everything you lost Love’s returning

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“Revival’s in the Air” | Song Story | Melissa Helser

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“I know that the word, “Revival” means something different for everyone. For me, the Lord is completely reframing it. As someone who grew up in church and spent a lot of my childhood in Revival meetings, the word can carry lots of different emotions.

This video is my honest, vulnerable testimony of God “reviving” my family. Revival means something very deep to me now. My prayer for this time in our country and world is that the truest form of revival would come. Not just meetings in buildings, but Emmanuel, “God with us” invading our lives and families and neighborhoods.

That we would experience a greater measure of compassion for our brothers and sisters, and that Jesus would heal our land from fear, racism and hopelessness. That marriages would be restored and the broken would find wholeness in the stunning redemption and mercy of Jesus. May revival come in a way we didn’t even know was possible.” – Melissa Helser | May 2020 ______

“Revival’s In The Air” by Melissa Helser from the new album “Revival’s In The Air”…

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