Sanhedrin to Hold Shavuot (Pentecost) Offering in Samarian Hills – Breaking Israel News

May 26, 2020
Sanhedrin to Hold Shavuot (Pentecost) Offering in Samarian Hills The two loaves, baked beforehand from a sourdough, were shaped in a special manner with squared ‘horns’ in the corners, resembling the altar.

Turkey Invades Greek Territory; Occupies Land An ongoing border dispute between the two NATO allies threatens to ignite a situation that has been percolating since Turkey invaded Cyrpus in 1974

‘Palestinian’ Rioters Burn Tires, Throw Rocks Over PA Eid al-Fitr Mosque ClosuresClashes erupt in the Palestinian Authority as residents take to the streets to protest against virus lockdowns imposed for the holiday

[WATCH] The Liberation of Jerusalem

[ICYMI] China Gets Hit with ‘Plague of Darkness’ as Day Turns to Night [Watch]

Abbas’s Empty, Worn-Out Threats
By Caroline Glick
If Abbas actually carries through on his tired threat and cancels the agreements, it won’t make a bit of difference to anyone.
Multinational Force in Sinai Represents ‘An Insurance Policy,’ Says Former Israeli Defense Official By Yaakov Lappin

The Abbas Comedy and the Ongoing Palestinian Tragedy By Jonathan S. Tobin

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