Palestinian Troops Claim Victory Over IDF in Hebron; Arab MK Threatens New Intifada [WATCH] – Breaking Israel News

May 23, 2020 Breaking Israel News

Palestinian Troops Claim Victory Over IDF in Hebron; Arab MK Threatens New Intifada [WATCH]
PA security troops eject an IDF patrol while the PA declares an end to security cooperation. Hamas flexes in the Iranian press, threatening Israel with a new intifada.

Democratic Senators And Biden Join In Denouncing Jewish Rights in Judea and Samaria Despite PA Renouncing Agreements
Abbas cut off all ties with the US and Israel, giving responsibility for Judea and Samaria to Israel, but the Democrats’ only interest is to prevent Jewish sovereignty in the Biblical heartland.

Jerusalem- Related Terrorism Suspected in Attack on Corpus Christi Naval Training Base
A Syrian immigrant to the US shot and wounded one sailor before he was neutralized. His internet history was full of Islamic literature including one post calling for Muslims to rise for Jerusalem.

[WATCH] Israel is Gifted a Private Island
The Seychelles – an archipelago off the east coast of Africa – is setting aside an island exclusively for Israelis

US Ambassador Recites Psalm 122 on Jerusalem Day
Friedman, an observant Jew and the son of a prominent rabbi, quoted his namesake, King David.

Heat Wave Breaks as Israel Braces for (More) “Rain of Healing”
With temperatures finally dropping out of the 100’s, Meteorologists predict rain on Saturday, the last day mystics claim that rainwater can heal any disease.
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