The Great Wakeup Call – Lance Wallnau

Ever look at a storm or weather pattern on the news to see its path? I have a “Tornado App” I use when I’m anxious about tornados getting near my home or where my kids live. That’s one of the comforts of being prophetic; you can often see storms coming your way.

I wrote in 2015 about America’s Fourth Turning, or “the crucible” and said Donald Trump was the one person to guide us through a great national storm. I said that God was raising up a modern-day Cyrus, a ruler to stand at the helm of the ship in that fourth crucible. It’s all in that book, God’s Chaos Candidate, written before Trump was the Republican candidate and published two months before the election.

In this book, I talked about the economic shaking: “How bad can it get? Well, Heidi Baker had a prophetic vision of food lines and wealthy people driving up. ”Prophetic storm tracking is what you and I have been doing for 5 years!

Here is what is coming NEXT.

Like a teapot with a whistle that blows when the water boils, there is something building up to a crescendo on May 31st, Pentecost Sunday. A fresh prophetic word is going to come out—a fresh blast of the trumpet. New voices will speak. God is going to shake up His church to wake up His church. “Shake and Wake” – that’s the word right now.

Wake up and SPEAK UP, and your voice will bind the voice of the enemy.

Watch for a special broadcast coming your way for this date!

AS ONE!Lance

Watch: The Great Wakeup Call!
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