Netanyahu Refuses to Divulge Secret Agreement with Jordan Over Temple Mount – Breaking Israel News

May 15, 2020

Netanyahu Refuses to Divulge Secret Agreement with Jordan Over Temple Mount Segev speculates that behind the threats between Jerusalem and Amman is a direct cooperation regarding the Temple Mount

Israeli Researchers Cut Air Pollution by Reducing Gas Output from Cows This finding essentially made possible the development of an algorithm to predict the development of the cow microbiome that will predict how these evolve over time based on its present composition

First Ever Virtual International Conference on Dead Sea Scrolls Announced More than three dozen scholars from around the world will gather online to share new research and discoveries on the Dead Sea Scrolls

[WATCH] Massive Bird Migration Over Temple Mount

[ICYMI] Trump Fighting to Prevent China from Controlling Israel’s Drinking Water

The Pain of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Pain of Jewish History: A Comparison
By Laura Densmore
We must embrace the pain and not run from it, hide it, or cover it up. There can be no “fig leaves”

CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020: Coronavirus Swings Society to “Touch Free” Digital ID and Digital CurrencyBy David HaggithDoes Media Bias Against Israel Still Matter?By Jonathan S. Tobin

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