Why We Need to Rally Behind Jim Bakker Right Now and Save His Show – Steve Strang

Tuesday, May 12, 2020   Strang Report 
 Why We Need to Rally Behind Jim Bakker Right Now and Save His Show

Jim Bakker and meOn April 20, I wrote an op-ed to counter the narrative that Jim Bakker was selling a cure for COVID-19 on The Jim Bakker Show. I know Jim supports his ministry partly by the sale of products, and he has been offering the Silver Solution product for more than 10 years. I’ve used the Silver Solution myself, since it is known to help your immune system. His guest clearly said it had not been tested for use with COVID-19, but the implication was that a stronger immune system would help fight off any virus, including this new virus for which there is so far no known cure.

A group that has been hounding Bakker and other ministries like his for years jumped on this, especially when the attorney general of Missouri ordered a cease and desist, which Bakker followed. It is now working its way through the courts, and I expect Jim to be vindicated. Other retailers who sell this product have not gotten in trouble, and the product is still for sale in many places.

I’ve known Jim Bakker for many years. As I said in my op-ed, I believe he is a good man who wants to spread the gospel. Because he is sometimes like a lightning rod, those who hate the gospel and hate conservative Christians look for anything they can attack him for. And now, a group called Faithful America has created a petition, which so far has 20,000 signatures, and sent it to every media outlet that runs The Jim Bakker Show, urging them to take the show off the air. Now it’s time to fight fire with fire by signing petitions in support of Jim Bakker. (After learning of Jim Bakker’s stroke and subsequent sabbatical from The Jim Bakker Show, Faithful America decided to pause its petition until he returns. But since we know Jim will be back on the air soon, we must still do what we can to defend him now.)

I felt that my op-ed, which you can read here, was my way of showing my strong support of Jim and his ministry. But I am very concerned that if we let these bullies get Jim off the air simply because he, in my opinion, merely used poor judgment to mention the word “COVID-19” in the same program as a health supplement, they will go after other ministries next.

SkyWatch TV, headed by Tom Horn, has initiated a petition drive on the website, and within a few days, it already has 5,000 signatures. I’ve been told that a number of ministries are doing what I am and calling attention to the petition, expressing their concern about standing up to this group. I decided I would do something I rarely do, and that is to draw attention to a petition drive.

I’m hoping you will agree and post this on your own social media site, sign it and encourage others to sign it too. I believe we can draw attention to … read more 

Why We Need to Rally Behind Jim Bakker and Save His Show30 Minutes – May 12th 2020SkyWatch TV, headed by Tom Horn, has initiated a petition drive on the website, and within a few days, it already has 5,000 signatures. Listen as Mondo De La Vega, Executive Vice President of Television Production and Co-Host of The Jim Bakker Show discusses with host Stephen Strang why Christians need to rally around Bakker and sign the petition. Hear that this goes beyond false allegations against Bakker selling a cure for COVID-19 and is an attack against Christian ministries. Listen Now
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  • May 12, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    Jim lost me a long time ago…Tammy Faye I would stand with…Jim is too slippery for me to give benefit of great doubt.


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