Prophecy of Rain in Current Jewish Month as Sign of Healing: Vindicated With Deathless Sabbath

May 10, 2020
Prophecy of Rain in Current Jewish Month as Sign of Healing: Vindicated With Deathless Sabbath Rain after Passover, normally a bad sign that is harmful to agriculture, took on a new meaning that was evidenced by significant improvements in the status of the epidemic in Israel

Legal Group Probes de Blasio, NYPD Over Alleged Targeting of Jews in Brooklyn It comes after New York Mayor Bill de Blasio upset many with a series of tweets about hundreds gathered in the Williamsburg neighborhood for the funeral of a respected rabbi

Israeli Ambassador Slams ‘New York Times’ for ‘Libel’ Against the Jewish State Ambassador Ron Dermer accuses the paper of “demonization” over a recent article on Israel’s efforts against coronavirus • AJC CEO David Harris calls article’s phrasing “vile”
Virginia Imam Blames COVID 19 on Jews and Gays Controversial imam Shaker Elsayed says humanity is being punished for legalizing usury, abortion and homosexuality, and that the capitalist system has led to mass slavery
[WATCH] The Jewish Response to the “New World Order”
[ICYMI] Rabbis Accuse Netanyahu of a “Mass Microchip Plot”: Selling Out Israel to the Globalist Agenda

How 250,000 Coronavirus Deaths Fit Right Into the Democrats’ Political Plan
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz
This merely outlines the manner in which the president’s opponents choose their political agenda over saving lives
Jews Should Not be Targeted by Broadcast Missionizing By Yisrael Medad

CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020:Bill Gates Goes Viral on Digital ID and Digital Currency By David Haggith

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