Biden Vows to Bring Terror Group PLO to Washington if Elected – Breaking Israel News

Democratic Presidential Candidate Biden and PLO Abbas
May 8, 2020

Biden Vows to Bring Terror Group PLO to Washington if Elected
The presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee also reiterated that he would reopen the U.S. consulate in eastern Jerusalem, which primarily serves the Palestinians READ MORE »

High Court Orders Netanyahu to Reveal if He Made a Secret Deal With Jordan Over Temple Mount

But during this time, Muslims were still allowed into the Temple Mount complex READ MORE »

Anxiety From Coronavirus Stabilizes as People Grow Accustomed to Lock-Down After gradually rising for a month, the Israeli public’s anxiety levels remained unchanged four weeks into the coronavirus lockdown and then dropped as “habituation” set in READ MORE »

[WATCH] Holy City Talk: The Beginning of Jerusalem – City of Justice 

[ICYMI] Rare Springtime Phenomenon: Blankets of Hail Covers Desert Near Dead Sea [Watch]
Hezbollah is on the Ropes
By Eyal Zisser
Hezbollah’s masks have been ripped off one after the other, and the organization has been exposed as an entity likely to wreak greater disaster in Lebanon than COVID-19READ MORE »

The Myth of Saudi Moderation By Stephen Flatow

Egypt: Missing Christian Mother Reappears as Pious Muslim in Video By Raymond Ibrahim

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