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Destroyed blown out tire with exploded, shredded and damaged rubber on a modern suv automobile. Flat low profile tyre on an alloy rim, ripped open in pieces with visible interior.
April 24, 2020 Love For His People ministry in Charlotte, NC USA

April 24, 2020

Greetings Love For His People family and friends.

On June 18, 2018, almost 2 years go, I published this Now Think On This message after waking up from a dream the Lord gave me. Mind you, I rarely remember my dreams, though I know the Lord gives them. Probably the same for you.

We dream on, but most often can’t remember what they were when we wake up. I wish we could!

After seeing the changes and transitions going on in the nations in these last few months, due to the coronavirus pandemic, I believe the dream not only again applies to me, as another transition comes, but also to you.
Want to read about it?

Read on!

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin

“You will succeed in whatever you choose to do, and light will shine on the road ahead of you.” (Job 22:28, New Living Translation)

Dreams are another supernatural way the good Lord speaks to us. He gives us warnings, direction, hope, inspiration, or some other bit of knowledge for ourselves, a family member, or a group of people. When He gave me the following dream last night, following some prayer afterward as to its meaning, I knew it was for me.

But then now I think it may also be for a few of you. Read it, and if you sense an affirmation in your spirit, then too consider the possibility that the Lord may want to speak a confirmation in your heart as well.

Here goes.

The small car I was driving on the roadway seemed to be losing air in the front right-hand tire, and I thought it had picked up a nail. There was enough air left in the tire to get to my intended destination, but when I got out and looked at the tire, it wasn’t a nail or another object after all. In fact, after arriving, the rubber was totally coming off the rim! It reminded me of those tires that are re-treads, and after some good mileage had been traveled, they just fall off the main tread. You see remains of them often along highways where semi-trucks had lost the re-tread.

I then checked the left front tire, and the rubber was also starting to fall off. These had lasted just long and far enough to get me to my intended destination.

It’s a flat.

Further into the dream, I realized it just so happened that I had stopped the car near a tire store, and the attendant said he had some tires to replace these two with. I responded with an OK, but then thought, “I am going to be trading this car in for a bigger one. I don’t need the higher priced tires. I’ll get some others instead.” And so I did.

I did not know at this time what the next car was going to be, but I believed it was to be a larger vehicle which I was going to need for the upcoming days.

I then woke up.

When I asked the Lord what this was about, and trying to recall the details, I felt He was letting me know that a change was coming soon, and that the vehicle I had been driving had gone as far as He wanted it to go, to the very end of the line in this season. A bigger replacement vehicle was coming, as I looked to trade this one in. The smaller car would still be used by someone else, who would need it for their purpose, but it would not be big enough for the purposes and plans He had next for me.

Sometimes our Lord removes those things which have completed their service for the intended purpose, knowing that the next time or season will require a “larger vehicle” or a different location in order to fulfill the call on our life.

As for the tires “falling off the rim” dream image, it may seem drastic, but I believe that sometimes the Lord has to cause such a drastic adjustment to come in order for us to “wake up” to the fact that He has something more for us.

Otherwise we may be content to stay as we are.

I know that is true.

Change is needed to keep us prepared for what is ahead. Change gets us from one point to another, as we “move” in the Lord’s leading. Without change, we would stay in one place, keep doing the same thing, and miss an opportunity He wants to give to us.

Change requires faith. Staying put isn’t always what the Lord desires. We must be open and willing to do as instructed, or as the next open door becomes known. We then must be willing to step through that entryway into the next mission.

Be thankful for those times when He “pushes” us to get there. A little encouragement from above is needed for us who tend to wait too long for the “next” to come. It may be that the “next” time is now.

And one more thing. Don’t despise the small vehicle you had been riding in, for it got you to the destination just arrived at, having served its purpose for that time. Be thankful that because of it, you are now at the next transfer point, to receive the next vehicle which will take you further on the road, onto the next journey.

As I said earlier, I know this dream was meant for me, and I highly suspect there are a few others who many consider this is for you too.

Move in faith as He leads. Change cometh!

Shalom and ahava (peace and love in Hebrew).

Now think on this,

Steve Martin, Founder/President Love For His People, Inc.

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Now Think On This #345- in the year of our Lord 06.18.18 – “Change the Tires, Trade the Car”, Monday, 11:15 am

Republished #17 Think About It. Again. 04.24.2020 “Change the Tires, Trade the Car” Friday 8:15 am

Think About It. Again. Or for the first time.
by Steve Martin

With my 500th Now Think On This message having been written in April 2020, I started wondering a year ago what it would be to re-publish some of the earlier, or for that matter, more recent ones that seemed to have a prophetic nudge to them. I started out by coming up with a name and a logo, (I love logos!) for these new, and yet old messages, and gave them the name, “Think About It. Again. Or for the First Time.”

Then I went through some of those earlier ones to see what I had written, anticipating that they would be appropriate and fitting to republish. Hoping they had a “timeless” edge to them. As I found them I published them again over this last 12 months on our website

When the time came having accumulated enough for a small book, believing 15 or 16 would do, another book would come forth. And behold, it did! You may have read them when published for the first time, but that would have been from over 8 years ago when I started. If not, I hope you get inspired as you read them now, giving a new hope, some more encouragement, and maybe even a smile that would appear on your face.

Let there be blessings on ye head, 

Steve Martin

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