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March 27, 2020

The elderly in Israel have effectivly been in lockdown as they face the biggest risk from COVID-19
A lover of money never has his fill of money, nor a lover of wealth his fill of income. That too is futile. Ecclesiastes 5:9 (The Israel Bible™)

אֹהֵב כֶּסֶף לֹא־יִשְׂבַּע כֶּסֶף וּמִי־אֹהֵב בֶּהָמוֹן לֹא תְבוּאָה גַּם־זֶה הָבֶל

o-HAYV KE-sef lo yis-BA KE-sef u-MEE o-HAYV be-ha-MON LO t’-vu-AH gam ZEH HA-vel

The word hevel (הבל), ‘futile,’ appears many times throughout Megillat Kohelet as a description of the pursuit of various physical pleasures. Although the word is translated as ‘futile,’ it literally means ‘vapor’. Vapor has the power to distort what a person sees. For example, the hot air rising from desert sands creates the mirage of an oasis. In this verse, Kohelet observes that amassing wealth is “hevel.”

More than just futile, the pursuit of wealth is similar to vapor, since it has the power to distort a person’s reality and values. Kohelet warns not to pursue wealth, because one who does so will never be satisfied. Today we are clearly seeing that money can’t buy everything as the coronavirus has the world economy on it’s knees. True satisfaction comes from giving to those who really need it.

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