March 25, 2020 Highway To Zion, Cathy Hargett

While in a communication exchange with a close friend today regarding the signs of the times and the panic and fear that has come due to the “coronavirus pandemic”,  he encouraged me to write about the things we shared. Much of the background for writing my first article, “Signs of the Times – Panic and Fear” was a result of seeking the Lord about my sense that “something is off” about this global epidemic of fear.  

This article is more about that. Below are excerpts of my email to my good friend on this topic.  It is not a “polished” article, but it is guileless and also reflects some of my current prayer requests concerning my response as a ministry leader.  I pray it will be edifying and meaningful for you as you seek His face during these days.

This is what I wrote to him: 

Here’s how I think about what is happening – totally agree that this panic and fear is an end-time response.  I believe the Lord is using it to make the distinction between those who are already in the Kingdom and those who are not.  I believe it could possibly be in the embryonic stage for setting the stage for a one-world government, but it is also being used to seal the unity of one new man all over the world.  

Personally, and from a “natural” viewpoint, from the info and stats and all that I have read, this particular coronavirus disease appears to be more virulent than some other flu and viruses.  I am really sad for all the people who have it and for those who will die because of it, the same as many who die every day from other types of flu and other diseases.

Physical death is going to happen on this planet until Messiah comes.  But from what I can rationally understand, coronavirus does not appear to be something that should close down the entire world.  That’s what makes this fear and panic so bizarre.  And this is the main reason why I believe it is so clear that the issue we are dealing with here is the fear and panic and not the virus itself. 

While the truth remains to be seen in terms of the impact of the virus, these are my thoughts at this point. And even if it does turn out to be totally devastating and millions of people die, we are still primarily and most importantly dealing with the question –  “what is our spiritual response as believers?”.   That is really what I addressed in the only article I have written about it so far – “Signs of the Times – Panic and Fear”.  

(Side Note:  The ironic thing about me having come to the conclusions I have come to, is that I am always more in the “germophobe” mindset – don’t eat off my plate and don’t drink from my glass, please don’t come to meetings if you are sick and infect everybody else, please especially be careful around older people and people with lower immune systems, and please don’t shake my hand if you have just picked your nose!  So, it’s not that I am not a respecter of good hygiene.  I totally am, all the time, not just now!) 

I am also asking the Lord if He would want me to share in an article these “raw” conclusions that I have come to as I have shared with you?  Would this be spiritually helpful and of the Lord to share?   But this is the part that I think you may have some insight to share with me – I have been praying my heart out over my response to the new, tighter government “stay at home” law of restricting our movement and only allowing travel for only “essential reasons” that went into effect today. 

It is clear that neither ministry meetings nor personal or social gatherings with friends qualify for their “essential” list. (some parts of the email are intentionally left out) ……….I continue to pray and ask the Lord about my part as a leader, how much of my intimate thought process do I share in articles with a “general group”,  as I have shared with you.  And especially praying about decisions concerning our gatherings, whether to continue to have them or not during these times of “government edicts”.

Highway To Zion is not a “church” but we are a “community” of Messianic believers.  Our meetings are probably considered optional to most people who come but for some I think our gatherings have become their main spiritual place for “assembling yourselves together”.   

As you can see, since you are receiving this email, I did hear from the Lord about the question of whether or not to share my intimate thought process with you on our larger HTZ group list.

I don’t know everyone personally who is on our larger group list, but I know you would not be on it if you were not a worshiper of the God of Israel, called to walk out your prophetic destiny.  So, I am sharing with you and praying His grace and love over you, hoping these thoughts may have stirred your heart to a closer relationship with Him as the reality of the days we are living in becomes ever clearer. 

We are in the latter days, and we are all being called to walk in a deeper level of faith and zeal for Elohim, our blessed Yeshua, and His Kingdom purposes. My conclusion about our response to this epidemic of fear is absolutely the same as in my first article, that the panic and fear that has become a global phenomenon is definitely a sign of the end of the age, with many scriptures affirming that this is true. 

We are to be encouraged that His Word is coming to pass. There is no question that the Lord is calling us as believers to understand the signs of the times, the fragility of the world’s systems and the fragility of human life on this planet.  He is calling us to stand together as one new man in spiritual unity – not the unity of a global community joined together by their mutual panic, but as a global community of faith.

He is calling us to decide once and for all who we will serve – Him, or the gods of this world?  Who will we fear – the plagues or the one true God of Israel? 

Practically speaking, how we express our faith in these days will be up to each of us as we seek His face.   

“….don’t fear what they fear or be awestruck by it; but Adonai Tzva’ot – consecrate Him!  Let Him be the object of your fear and awe!”  (Isaiah 8:12 CJB) 

Cathy Hargett

Highway to Zion Ministries, Inc.

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