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March 25, 2020 Jerusalem, Israel

How our lives here in our house have changed. 2 weeks ago, before the government ‘asked’, we decided that it would be best to be prudent and put ourselves on lock-down. We figured out what we would need for a couple of weeks supply and laid in the groceries. Being in the ‘vulnerable’ age group, we informed our family what we were doing and that we needed family social distancing.  It is hard knowing that they are within walking distance but we cannot be together. We WhatsApp or they’ll come on the porch for a quick visit.

The first few days we were in a bit of a fog, very lethargic and listless. Trying to figure out what is going, on we spent much time reading the news reports.

We do see this as God’s timing for us to seek Him and spend time in the Word and in prayer. And He has been speaking to us. Cleansing our hearts. Meeting us in worship. Reminding us of His promises that He WILL fulfill. And the assurance that He is the One in control.

Even while we are in stormy seas, being battered -with borders closing and airways shutting, we know that the Aliyah will still happen! God is not limited by tossing seas. Remember, He’s the One who walked on the water and stilled the storm with His command!! May these restrictions get the Jewish people’s attention and awaken them to the fact that Israel will not always be easily available! May their hearts stir to be ready ASAP to get on the next available flights and come home!

We want to encourage you, our dear friends, to stand firm in your faith during this season. While all is shifting and shaking, you be God’s Lighthouse to those who are tossed in darkness and fear. Let your Light shine brightly that people may see clearly from where their Help comes. Each in your own home, street and city- determine to be His Lighthouse!
Let’s earnestly pray for one another and rejoice together that He has chosen us for this day and this season!

Blessings from the Land (in quarantine)
Nissim & Hadassah Lerner

PS Send us a photo of your favorite lighthouse and how the Lord is using you in your area. Let’s encourage one another!

Shown below: Joy & Dennis Bupp… dear intercessors and friends of ours. Joy, who loved Lighthouses, was His Lighthouse faithfully shining the Light of Yeshua all her days here on earth. She has gone recently to be with her Beloved now and we miss her greatly.

Enjoy this song by Rend Collective
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