Abraham Lincoln was born in North Carolina. True?

March 21, 2020 Steve Martin, Love For His People ministry, Charlotte, NC USA

According to the Bostic Lincoln Center museum’s historical displays in the small town of Bostic, North Carolina, about 1.5 hrs. NW of Charlotte, Abraham Lincoln was born to Nancy Hanks right here in North Carolina. Not in Kentucky has many history books had taught us, with Tom Lincoln as his father.

No, Thomas Lincoln was not likely his father. It was probably Abraham Enloe, when young Nancy lived with the Enloes in Rutherford County as a “bound out” girl. And Abraham seems to have been born in 1804, rather than 1809. When Nancy married Tom, she had a young, black-haired boy at their side after the wedding ceremony.


After visiting the Bostic Lincoln Center, we certainly would tend to agree with the historical facts presented, along with the video we saw of those testifying of ancestral books, documents, and friends of Nancy Hanks during her stay here in the area.

If you have time, want a nice road trip out of Charlotte, then go see for yourself. After all, as the Bible says, everything will come to the light in time.

Enjoy the photos I took March 21, 2020 with my iPhone. I had forgotten my Canon Powershot camera at home!

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin, Founder/President Love For His People ministry

Website: www.BosticLincolnCenter.com info@bosticlincolncenter.com

Steve Martin

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