Chuck Pierce: God Sets A New Order – Building Your Future (Matthew 14:16)

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Chuck speaks at King of Kings Worship Center in Basking Ridge, NJ, March 8, 2020.

Chuck was in NJ as part of a regional meeting of the original 13 colonies, organized by the Thirteen Colony Council led by John and Sheryl Price (more info here: All 13 colonies were represented at meetings held in Galloway, NJ, on March 6th and 7th.

Here Chuck speaks of a season of transition – the old season has ended and we are moving forward with time into the next season. Quotes: “Matthew 14:16 says, “Jesus said to them, “The people do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.” You’ve got to be commissioned to leave and then you get commissioned again when you get there. That’s why it was important we come here, to commission you to leave. You are going to build your future.

The word “future,” really means expectation in the Word of God. You are expecting to get to a place that you have not been too before. The enemy hates that more than anything. He wants you to stop moving. But life means breath, life means movement. If you are breathing you are moving.”

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Partial Transcript of this video:

Every month of every year is key. The word of God was developed around time. God’s not in time, but we’re in time and the Word of God was timed through harvest and prosperity. So don’t throw out the concept of being prosperous because it is what you were meant to be.

That doesn’t mean that we’re all supposed to be multimillionaires. It means accomplishing what you were intended to be. It means, “what your hand is put to, you will succeed in seeing that accomplished.” That’s what prosperity means.

The only way you can do that is to move in time with your destiny, and move through time with Him in the harvest cycles that He has for you. He predetermined your time and place. Everybody say, “We’re in New Jersey.” There’s something about this weekend that makes New Jersey the most important place of change.

While I’m here, my daughter-in-law suffered the unexpected loss of her father. The only way we could get them back to Texas from Israel was to bring them to New Jersey. They’re here right now. They’re at the airport. I mean the timing! You scheduled this meeting in September, and NJ turns out to be the only place we could get them through because of the travel fears about the coronavirus.

It shows you God’s sovereign timing. It shows you how He orders your every step, whether you know it or not. And the Lord says, “I brought you back here…” This is for all of us here. “I brought you back to this place to return to you, so that I can start moving you forward again.”

I say, “I brought you here from the place you were in, from the position that you presently had, so that I could advance you in and accelerate you beyond what is trying to stop you.” I say, “I brought you here to give you new breath, and to give you new energy, and to even activate your voice in a way that it’s never been activated. For I say this is the ending of a season, but I already have your new direction in place. And in that I say you’ll be moving. And the Lord says you’ll be moving with me into the place that I have for you. And you’ll be developing a model; not a model that you’ve seen or even been aligned with, but a model of change that is needed for NOW.

That’s what will invade New York saith the Lord. I say I’m calling you to New York. I am calling you into a place to create a model here so you can advance into a city and save a city – a city of cities. I said I will use you to return even to Newark and to say to Newark, “You will be restored.”

Watch God wipe you out so you can be rebuilt saith the Lord. I say I’ll take you to Trenton and I’ll start moving in a new way. For Trenton has resisted what I have longed to do, and because Trenton resists, a state resists, and then a nation suffers.

I said, “So I’m going to start the wheels turning in Trenton today. The model you build will be a model that is sent out and recreated throughout the entire region. I say get ready, I am causing a center to be established, so that meetings can be held. And I say, “Out of the center a new plan of meetings will come, and a new mobilization will come. And a people will arise and say, “Beginning in March the wind blew in 2020, and His hand moved, and we were established to advance into our future.”

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