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March 19, 2020
As we are living in the ‘Corona Virus Era’ we see society shutting down and for many people there is fear and panic in their lives. We know that in spite of the limited travel, God will STILL keep His promises and bring His Jewish people back to live in Israel.

 It seems impossible for that to happen now with every country closing their borders and enforcing strict limits on our freedoms. But it is this Aliyah that is an important and vital piece to the return of Yeshua. What will it look like? Only the Lord knows, but He has described it in Jeremiah 16 as the time of the Hunters – a very difficult and painful Aliyah. We pray that our people will take the present limitations on their ability to leave their home countries as a wake-up call and be ready to leave as soon as the flights begin again.

His Lighthouse’s vision is to promote Aliyah to Israel, and provide a place for immigrants to rest and integrate into Israeli society. But more important than that is to find rest in Him.

As we are personally experiencing a ‘lock-down’, we are seeing it as a time for more prayer. More listening to hear the Lord. He is shaking all those things that can be shaken and we are learning how many places we unknowingly have put our trust other than in Him.

I (Nissim) was encouraged in my morning worship by a song ‘Made a Way’ sung by Christ Church Choir. I share it here for your encouragement. http://

We at His Lighthouse would like to encourage you to find His Way for your life and give you the strength to walk in His Way!As things around us seem rather foggy, may the Lord keep our Lighthouse shining brightly until His return!

Thank you for your prayers. 
Nissim & Hadassah Lerner

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