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March 1, 2020
CoronaVirus Shuts Down Iranian Government Indefinitely
IRNA News reported that Iran’s former Ambassador to the Vatican Sayyed Hadi Khosroshahi died on Thursday, one day after being admitted to the hospital with the coronavirus

Turkey Announces Intention to Go to War with Russia
The official hinted that they will use Muslims inside Russia to assist them with their efforts saying that Moscow will be “will be shattered from inside” should a war break out between the two countries

Imam who Spoke at Sanders Rally Called for Armed Struggle Against Israel
Suleiman equated “apartheid Israel” to the Nazis on Facebook while classifying Israel’s treatment of Gaza as a “holocaust.” To Suleiman, Israel is, of course, a “terrorist regime.”
[WATCH] Muslims in Iran Lick CoronaVirus Infested Shrine to Prove Faith
Shia Muslim Iranians start a trend of licking the holy shrine in the city of Qom, the city in Iran most infested with coronavirus
Unprecedented: Israel to Allow Some Voter Fraud in Monday’s Elections
Judge Hanan Meltzer, who chairs Israel’s Election committee, made an unprecedented move taking a more lenient approach ruling to allow the inclusion of forged ballots so long as it does not exceed 3.25 percent

Holocaust Survivors, Both in Their 90’s Get Married in Israel
Colel Chabad for example, who looks after Israel’s widows, also does holy work in the Haifa area
EXODUS 23:30
In these verses, Hashem describes a precise plan to inherit the Land of Israel through a gradual process. Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra, a well-known medieval commentator, poet and philosopher, explains that although God could have destroyed the inhabitants of Canaan instantaneously…LEARN »
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