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Feb. 28, 2020
“President Trump, the Nations and the Coronavirus”
Johnny Enlow, Nashville, TN

There are still mysteries to be discovered regarding the “Coronavirus.” This includes questions of bioengineering, 5G, why children are highly resistant to it, the Hong Kong equation, and so other many things. 

Yet in the midst of it all, let it be clear that we are headed to a new day of accountability among the nations. Government leaders need to be alerted as to the raised stakes of the consequences of evil or even bad choices.

When God has no nation that raises a standard of righteousness in government, He essentially has no bar raised to call up the rest of the nations to. However, when He does have that, it puts the rest of the nations under the next level of accountability. When God has HIS lead nation of the day (USA) raise the bar, it really accelerates matters.

President Trump’s 5 Moves

President Trump, whether you like him or not, has made some governmental decisions that resonate hugely in the spirit realm. The following 5 moves he has made has raised the bar. It has also placed a level of protective hedge around the nation, even if he or we are less than perfect in so many other ways.

#1. President Trump’s kindness in words, deeds and actions toward and for Israel (seen most powerfully in his recognition of Jerusalem as capital and their right to defend themselves).

The Israel equation is complicated as it is not truly a “righteous nation” and there are evil Jewish leaders in high places of influence on the “7 Mountains” (worldwide). However, the scripture is clear that nations will be blessed or judged based on HONORING GOD by being kind/fair with Israel. 

The nations of the world have not been fair to Israel, and the rising anti-Semitism is not logical but demonic. It is specifically an anti-christ spirit and in government it carries a national consequence.

When the lead nation (USA) of the world properly leads the world in this area, your resistance to follow becomes more costly in many ways, beginning with economic realities. If you want to instantly improve your economic prospectus before God as a nation, then as a government leader, consider fairness towards Israel.

#2. President Trump’s words, deeds and actions are promoting religious freedom.

#3. President Trump’s words, deeds and actions are promoting protection of the unborn.

#4. President Trump’s words, deeds and actions are promoting an end to human-trafficking.

#5. President Trump’s words, deeds and actions are removing those in power who are clearly corrupt and evil.

For clarity’s sake, if President Trump cussed like a sailor, looked at other women, was rough in his responses to those who attack him, was reactive or failed in the “fruit of the Spirit” in many areas—NONE OF THOSE matter in comparison. He was not called to be your pastor—go to church for that. He was called to be your president and he is acing that assignment. Furthermore, he is doing that better than ANY previous American president. His stand on the above matters are legendary in the annals of Heaven and ultimately will be so on Earth.

Nor are the above 5 the only heroic things he has done. His moves with the economy have been a game-changer, and this he has done while great enemies have been actively trying to kill the economy in their attempt to derail Trump’s God-given assignment.

The coronavirus is a part of this, but it too will fail—because God has chosen Trump to trump the enemy in move after move. Even when Trump feels overwhelmed and is unsure how to proceed, God is still turning his halfhearted/not-sure decisions into “home runs”. This will not stop happening.

A New Day of Accountability

If you have access to government leaders around the world, consider passing on this alert to them. (I already know my posts make it to the top of government in some nations.) We are in a new day of accountability and consequences, and they need to be alerted. Things they got away with before they won’t get away with now. Conversely, tough decisions in the right direction will cover and bless them in ways they hadn’t expected nor can clearly project.

To “the Church”—if this all sounds like it doesn’t value what you do as most important in how a nation goes, you are right as it relates to what happens in church buildings. The Church/Ekklesia, in the mountains of influence, is what is driving nation reformation at this time. To the degree you are irrelevant with the mountains—to that degree you are irrelevant in national direction matters. Time for that to change.*

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Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


Johnny Enlow is a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, and Rainbow God. He and his wife Elizabeth are focused on awakening individuals to their call to provide practical solutions from the heart of God for every problem in society until the real God of all of life is displayed in the seven primary areas of culture in all nations: Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education.

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