Not Just CoronaVirus: China Hit with Other ‘Biblical’ Plagues: ‘Mica’s End-of-Days Prophecy’ says Rabbi – Breaking Israel News

Feb. 25, 2020
According to Jewish tradition, the ten-plagues will reappear before the Messiah
For the First Time, Netanyahu Pushes Past Gantz in the Polls
With just a week to go until Israel’s elections, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party is projected to garner 33 Knesset seats, compared to 32 for challenger Blue and White
Prayer Rally to Rid World of CoronaVirus Takes Place at David’s Tomb
During the service at King David’s tomb, Rabbi Yoel Shwartz relayed a message regarding the importance that gentiles around the world to keep the seven Noahide Commandments
[WATCH] Two Israeli Girls Prostrate Themselves on the Soaking Wet Floors of the Temple Mount and Get Arrested
Just a week after Rabbi Yehuda Glick was arrested for walking too slowly on the Temple Mount, two Jewish Israeli girls were arrested for prostrating in prayer on the holy site
55,000 Students Miss School as Rockets Rain Down on Southern Israel
Schools closed across the south as heavy rocket fire from Gaza continues for second day • IDF strikes Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza and Syria, killing six • Netanyahu: Israel may have to engage in “the mother of all operations.”
Arab Driver Attempts Car-Ramming Attack in Eastern Jerusalem
A Jewish resident fired in the air after an Arab driver attempted to run him over, chasing off the assailant
This psalm is a song of praise to Hashem for saving the Nation of Israel from its enemies. Though it is unclear to which specific battle this psalm refers, contemporary author Amos Hakham points to the Septuagint…LEARN »
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