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In another parallel to the Bible, a canal, built during the period of Avaris, still called the Joseph Waterway, connected the Nile to the Fayum Basin. Rohl suggested that it was constructed under the direction of Joseph in order to regulate the Nile flooding
Israel Reveals it is Now Targeting Iranian Forces Militarily
Israel is now targeting not only Iran’s proxy forces but also the regime itself, via “economic, diplomatic and intelligence measures, as well as with military means,” says Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett
Holocaust Denier Abbas Calls on Israelis to “Reject Extremism”
Abbas called on Israelis “to reject extremism and to reject ideas that destroy peace.” However, this demand lies in sharp contrast to a speech the Holocaust denier made in August where he vowed to “enter Jerusalem (with) millions of fighters!” along with the “entire Islamic nation”
[WATCH] Trump Posts Video of Orthodox Jews at His New Hampshire Rally on His Official Snapchat Account
President Trump proudly displays his support from Orthodox Jews in America at a recent rally on his official SnapChat account

Vindman Wants You to ‘Support’ Him by Donating to Synagogue that Prays with Muslims
But the Adat Reyim synagogue engages in many inter-religious prayer events such as joint Shabat (Sabbath) prayer services with Muslims that involve reading from the Quran
EU to Fly Photographers to Ramallah to ‘Slander and Delegitimize Israel’
“The EU needs to end its sick obsession with the Jewish state and stop funding anti-Israel projects and NGOs. Israel is not a punching bag for them to take out their anti-Semitic aggression on,” concluded Peleg
AMOS 9:15
Despite the predictions of punishments that will befall the Children of Israel, Amos ends his prophecy with a message of hope. He proclaims that the day will come when the people will return to the Land of Israel, build houses, plant vineyards and trees, and enjoy their fruits…LEARN »
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