Filming an Abortion Survivor’s Testimony – Prayer Request – Tree of Life Ministries in Israel, Ariel & Shayla Hyde

Feb. 9, 2020
We are excited to see how God connected us with Danielle, an abortion survivor whose incredible testimony we will be filming this week, Lord-willing. 

During the time when we were especially praying for God to show us who to interview for our pro-life campaign videos, one day at work, I suddenly sensed the Lord say, “Leave now.” So I left and went to my usual bus stop in order to go home. But then He said, “Go across the street.” So I did and saw a lady on crutches. When I offered her prayer and started to share the Gospel with her, she responded that she actually is also a believer. Then when she explained all the difficult health issues she has, I asked, “Is there something that caused all this?” She said, “Yes, my mother tried to abort me.”

Not only was our connection obviously divinely orchestrated, but her story is also clearly supernatural. She grew up knowing she was unwanted, underwent abuse, and had deep depression, seeking to end her own life. But then she met the Reason for Life, Jesus, Yeshua. He’s transformed her and shown her worth to her, and she’s now a glowing light for His name, a beautiful example of having joy in suffering, and a talented artist!

She has looked mothers considering abortions in the eyes and said, “The person you’re thinking about aborting right now is not just a faceless choice. It is me. I am the person who would have been aborted and wouldn’t be here right now.” 

The unique story of how she came to faith in Yeshua is also something we believe will touch many Israelis and people around the world.

We believe this testimony could impact hundreds of thousands or even millions with the message of the hope of the Gospel and also help many choose life.

So our team and others are going to be fasting and praying for this on this Tuesday (some people will join on Monday).  Please prayerfully consider joining us in seeking God wholeheartedly for the fullness of His purposes to come to pass through this powerful testimony.
 Many blessings in Messiah!
Ariel and Shayla Hyde
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