Date Trees from 2,000-Year-Old Seeds with Healing Powers Grow in Israel: Ezekiel’s Prophecy come to Life and Today’s Top Stories – Breaking Israel News

Date Trees from 2,000-Year-Old Seeds with Healing Powers Grow in Israel: Ezekiel’s Prophecy come to Life

Feb. 9, 2020
As the researchers hoped would be the case with their revived date palms, plants irrigated from the Jerusalem waters would be uniquely vibrant and grant special medicinal qualities

Leader of Sudan Agreed to Meet with Netanyahu After Getting ‘Sign from God’
“A few days before I met with Netanyahu, I prayed to Allah, asking for his advice,” Burhan said, relating the words of his prayer

Iranians Concerned as Khomeini Refuses to Take Precautions Against CoronaVirus: Continues Trade, Flights from China as Usual
Zarif also said that the Chinese are “descendants of Adam are brothers, which means they are brothers and sisters”. He added that “if one member of the body is contaminated, the whole body will be contaminated.”
[WATCH] Massive Meteor Falls in Lebanon
A massive meteor was caught falling over Mount Sannine in Lebanon. This comes just a few months after an asteroid was caught exploding over Israel
Kushner: Trump Used Israel’s Trust to Extract Security Compromises
“the Israeli public trust that President Trump understands (Israel’s) security needs and he’s used that trust that they place in him to ask them to make some historic compromises.”

Rabbi Protests Desecration of Extermination Camp and Urges Christians to Join
“Witnessing first hand what triggered the birth of the state of Israel, is an experience which is life-changing as one sees God’s hand in prophecies materializing,” said Abrahamovitz
Rosh Chodesh (ראש חודש), literally ‘head of the month,’ is celebrated when the first sliver of the new moon appears. In this verse, Hashem declares that the Hebrew month of Nissan is to be considered the first month in the Jewish calendar…LEARN »
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