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What is God telling His prophets about Trump and America’s future? ▶▶2020 Prophetic Outlook [Book & CDs]: ▶▶

2020 Prophetic Outlook [Digital Download]:

I have invited three of the most accurate prophets I know—Hank Kunneman, Tracy Cooke and Jeremiah Johnson—to tell us what they see taking place in 2020, including amazing things about the United States and the election. It will shock most of you!

Are you ready? 2020 Prophetic Outlook looks to a new year and a new decade by way of the trusted voices of Jeremiah Johnson, Hank Kunneman, Tracy Cooke and Larry Sparks. Among others! And it features the latest work of Jeremiah Johnson, Trump and the Future of America, on the heels of his best-selling book, Trump, 2019 and Beyond—with shocking details from his dream encounter at the White House.

There’s plenty more you will want to hear! Hank Kunneman (CD) says that 2020 concerns both a year and a decade. This decade will be called a Decade of Difference. Waiting is over and change is coming. One of the changes is that the land will experience a certain “rest” it hasn’t known! Jeremiah Johnson (CD) brings words of challenges for President Trump and also the Baby Boomer generation, and the three principalities opposing the President and the nation.

He also sees a beginning of a time of cleansing in the church and our personal lives. 9450_combo Tracy Cooke (CD) speaks to the power and potential of a repentant heart for 2020—and he says our greatest potential lies in the church turning from broken vows! 9450_combo Their 3-CD set has over 160 minutes of content!

Then take another breath as Larry Sparks adds more powerful perspectives for the year in Prophetic Words for 2020 (book) with contributions from — Emma Stark, Jeremiah Johnson, Lana Vawser, Robert Henderson, David Balestri, Hank and Brenda Kunneman, Ana Werner, Patricia King, Sarah Cheesman, Mario Murillo, Katherine Ruonala, Rick Joyner, Arleen Westerhof, Gene Bailey, Kevin Zadai, Betty King and James W. Goll. 2020 Prophetic Outlook will give you insights and focus for 2020 and the decade ahead!

▶▶2020 Prophetic Outlook [Book & CDs]:

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