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Feb. 7, 2020
Terrorist Runs Over 12 IDF Soldiers in Jerusalem: Perpetrator Still at Large
Following the incident, the Golani Brigade carried on with their ‘oath ceremony’ as scheduled. However, witnesses told Yisrael Hayom that the usually celebratory atmosphere of these types of ceremonies was marred by the tragic events that took place just a few hours earlier
‘CoronaVirus: God Destabilizing World Economy for Arrival of Messiah’ leading Rabbi Says
“God is punishing China mida k’neged mida (measure for measure).” It’s as if God is saying to China, “You want to be one of the instability factors in the world economy? Then I will begin to destroy your economy.” Kessin calls this “a measure-for-measure retribution that God is doing.”

Trump Admin Inadvertently Highlights Bright Side of Increased Antisemitism: More Immigration to Israel
“The Israeli birth rate is strong and is growing because sadly, anti-Semitism in Europe and other places around the world is encouraging more Jews to return to Israel. The settlements are going to continue to expand,” said U.S. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien
[WATCH] Terrorist Killed After Throwing Fire Bomb at IDF Troop
An Arab terrorist was killed while throwing a molotov cocktail at an IDF soldier in Hebron on Wednesday. The terrorist, Mohammad Al Haddad, who was only 17-years old, was shot in the chest and later succumbed to his wounds.

3.8 Earthquake Hits Northern Israel Near Mountain Where Elijah Performed Miracles
The source of the quake was 5.5 miles off the south-west coast of the Tirat Ha-Carmel. Tirat Hacarmel is located near Mount Carmel, where the prophet Elijah performed miracles to disprove the deities of Baal
Israel’s Record Winter Storms is Bad News for the Poor: One Organization Offers a Solution
Thank God, one organization is doing what it can to make sure that neither of those nightmarish scenarios ever happens
PSALMS 122:6
This psalm starts with the words sha’alu sh’lom Yerushalayim, ‘Pray for the well-being of Yerushalayim.’ Shalom (שלום), translated here as ‘well-being,’ is the first Hebrew word many people learn…LEARN »
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