A Friendly Word to the Never Trumpers – Dr. Michael Brown

Feb. 5, 2020
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President Trump’s State of the Union message, coupled with the Democratic response, reminds me of why I voted for Trump in 2016. And why I plan to vote for him again in 2020. The contrasts are just too extreme. I am conscience-bound to vote against the radical left and to vote for the causes that Trump will uphold. Everything else pales in comparison.

I am voting against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tearing up the president’s speech for the whole world to see.

As the White House tweeted out:

Speaker Pelosi just ripped up:

One of our last surviving Tuskegee Airmen.

The survival of a child born at 21 weeks.

The mourning families of Rocky Jones and Kayla Mueller.

A service member’s reunion with his family.

That’s her legacy.

I am voting against the socialist policies of Reps. like Rashida Tlaib, who tweeted: “I walked out of that speech. The lies, the bigotry, and the shameless bragging about taking away food stamps that people depend on to live—it was all beneath the dignity of the office he occupies. Shame on this forever impeached president.”

My apologies, Rep. Tlaib, but helping people find meaningful employment so that they do not need food stamps is hardly “taking away food stamps that people depend on to live.” And empowering the poor is not bigotry.

Of course, sites like Mother Jones agreed with Rep. Tlaib, tweeting, “While Trump brags on national television about the decline in food stamp enrollment and lifting people out of poverty, his actual policies ‘will cut off basic food assistance for nearly 700,000 of the nation’s poorest and most destitute people.'”

But no one can deny that Americans, across the board, are doing better financially under the current administration. 
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