“GOD HAS NO PERMANENT ENEMY” – Pastor Oyewale S. Abel

Pastor Oyewale S. Abel


“And should I not pity Nineveh, that great city, in which are more than one hundred and twenty thousand persons who can not discern between their right hand and their left and livestock.” (John 4:11)

The Kingdom is of the Lord and He is the Governor of all nations (Psalm 22:28). God loves the entire world now and then. But He honors those who honor Him and deal more lovingly and compassionately with His covenant people, Israel, and by extension, the Church.

The Assyrians had been taking as the avowed enemies of His people, yet (Genesis 12:1-3), He cares for all. So, He arranged for the Assyrians to be reached. God in heaven saw the need for the Assyrians to be assisted to come closer to God, and as their Owner and Creator, out of love choose to send an Israelite named Jonah. What was his qualification? GOD’s GRACE. But he chooses to be a nationalist and a politician. He never wanted to go, but was forced by the administrator of life’s journeys and ever the timely actions of animals.

Jonah was walking to the place against his wish to deliver the message ‘anyhow’. God use the message to achieve His eternal purpose in the life of Jonah’s real or supposed enemies – the Assyrians.

If God as the Owner and unequaled Administrator does not discriminate, why do we discriminate on the basis of religion, tribe, profession, sex, etc., today? Jonah was not happy that his imagine/real enemies were saved.

Brothers and Sisters, take note of this that God cares and has consideration for all nations. No one becomes a permanent enemy of God until he lives and dies without repentance, so do not make anyone your permanent enemy.

May our good God of Israel bless us all in Jesus’ name.
Pastor Oyewale S. Abel

Steve Martin

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