Evangelist Shares Different Side of Trump That Most People Don’t See – Steve Strang

Feb. 2, 2020
Evangelist Shares Different Side of Trump That Most People Don’t See

Donald Trump and Angel Belcher (YouTube/FOX 10 Phoenix)About a month ago, President Donald Trump spoke at a church rally in Miami, where he announced his coalition of Evangelicals for Trump. One of the speakers at that event was evangelist Angel Belcher. She shared about a side of Trump that many people never see.

“I pray for my president every day,” she said at the rally. “The Bible says we’re supposed to pray for our leaders. … I have found out not everyone is going to get along. You can try, you can pray, you can speak. But I will tell you this: God told me to pray for my president. And I’m going to continue praying for my president. And I’m going to continue standing for my president because my president is there for me.”

Belcher first met Trump when he gave her a gold medal for her work after Hurricane Michael. I had the privilege of speaking with her on my podcast today about the work she did that gained the president’s attention.

“When the hurricane came, a lot of the surrounding small counties were without water, they were without light—some of them for months, some of them for weeks,” she says. “So I just got those generators going and pulled out the drills and the crock pots and started setting up and talking a lot and serving people. God just multiplied it.”

Soon, people were signing up to offer money, food and basic provisions with Belcher. The National Guard even joined in and gave up their food to help those suffering.

“So I asked the head colonel if I could feed them every day, and he gave me that privilege of doing so,” Belcher says. “And what really touched my heart is when they got ready to leave, to go further down to Mexico Beach after being here a couple months, he tore his patch off his uniform and gave it to me. And he gave me a hug and a kiss. He said, ‘You are now a part of us. You are … read more 

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