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Jan. 26, 2020
Trump Invokes ‘God’ Eight Times As First President to Address ‘March for Life’ On Friday, President Trump stood before a crowd of an estimated 100,000 people and became the first U.S. president to address the 47th annual March of Life in Washington D.C., invoking ‘God’ eight times in his speech.

His address was emphatically faith-based as he said opened his speech by declaring that he and all those attending the March were there “for a very simple reason: to defend the right of every child, born and unborn, to fulfill their God-given potential.”
“Every human soul is divine, and every human life –- born and unborn –- is made in the holy image of Almighty God.”
Tlaib Publicizes Modern-Day Blood Libel about Arab Boy Getting Killed by Jews in Jerusalem, Then Deletes it Without Apologizing
But once the truth came out that the boy actually fell into the pool, unlike Tlaib, Ashrawi at least had the decency to apologize
14,800 Holocaust Survivors Died in 2019: One Organization is Working to Slow the Trend in 2020
The report includes Moroccan and Algerian Jews who lived under the French Vichy regime as well as survivors of the infamous Farhud pogroms in Iraq
[WATCH] After Erdogan Blasts Jewish Building in Judea-Samaria: Deadly 6.8 Earthquake Topples Buildings in Turkey
At least 31 people were killed and more than 1,600 injured on Friday when a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit eastern Turkey
Trump to Release Peace Plan Ahead of Netanyahu and Gantz’s White House Visit
“I’d love to be able to do that deal. They say that’s the hardest of all deals,” said the U.S. president. “It’s a great plan. It’s a plan that really would work.”
Senior Saudi Religious Leader leads Muslim Delegation to Pray at Auschwitz
Sheikh Mohammed al-Issa, secretary-general of the Muslim World League, is the most senior Islamic leader to visit the former death camp
JOB 14:7
Iyov contrasts the passing of man to the death of a tree. Once a man has departed from this world, he cannot be brought back to life. A tree, on the other hand, though seemingly lifeless, can be revived…
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