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Jan. 22, 2020
Australia Slammed With Hail, Pestilence, Darkness Plagues in one Week
The mingling of elemental opposites is precisely how the plague of hail appeared in Egypt. Fire intermingling with icy hail is reminiscent of the Biblical seventh plague that appeared with its elemental opposite: fire
Was Israeli Girl’s Release from Russian Prison Prophesized in the Torah?
In verse 15, the Hebrew word for ‘pleasant’ is נָעֵמָה (ne’aymah). This verse was read by Jews all around the world 11 days ago, while negotiations for Naama’s release were being held
International Criminal Court Rejects Their Own Lead Prosecutor’s Investigation of Israel’s ‘War Crimes’
The court denied the request citing that it was too long and exceeded the number of pages permitted for filing. Additionally, the court stated that Bensouda could file a new request if she meets the required parameters.
[WATCH] Three Terrorists Killed After Invading Israel from Gaza
Three Hamas terrorists were killed by IDF troops after trying to infiltrate into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip, Hebrew-language outlet Haaretz reported on Tuesday night

Florida Authorities Warn: “Watch Out for Iguanas Falling From the Sky”
Iguanas raining from the sky can happen in Florida whenever the temperature drops so the residents have learned to accept the danger of being pelted by falling iguanas as part of the price they pay for living in the Sunshine State
Trump’s UN Ambassador Kelly Craft Defends Israel, Blasts Iran at UN
“After decades of having the same meeting about the Middle East and criticizing Israel, I call upon this forum to change the dialogue,” says Craft during U.N. Security Council session on the Middle East
The Hebrew word for tribute in this verse is Shilo (שילה). Fourteenth century scholar Rabbi Yaakov ben Asher, known by the name of his Bible commentary as the Baal Haturim, reveals a hidden connection between the word Shilo (שילה) and Mashiach…LEARN »
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