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Jan. 21, 2020
Photo above: President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence (Reuters)

Donald J. Trump may be the most covered president in history. This is partly due to the way he dominates the news cycle with his tweets and his larger-than-life personality. The “fake news media” hate him, yet they report his every move. On top of the news coverage, he uses Twitter to accomplish his agenda. Everyone seems to know what Trump is thinking. Or do we?

As the election looms, I have filled my new book, God, Trump, and the 2020 Election, with tens of thousands of words of my opinion and those of several dozen news sources. I have tried to be objective, though it’s clear how much I respect the president and believe he is doing a good job and must be reelected. But what does the president think is important as we approach the next election? What does he think about the issues that will affect not only the United States and the world, but also your life and mine? There’s only one way to know. To find out what he thinks, we must look to what he has said.

interviewed the president during his campaign in 2016, as I have interviewed a number of presidential candidates, governors and other politicians in my 45-year media career. But interviewing Donald Trump in the midst of his unlikely campaign was markedly different. With Trump what you see on television is not what you get behind the scenes. The Republican nominee demonstrated a humility we don’t see in the liberal media sound bites. He was still a straight shooter, but his sincerity was far more striking than I would have expected. I asked the kinds of questions I thought most of my readers would want to ask. His answers revealed a confident, determined man who is truly committed to making America great again through principles that honor God rather than defy Him.

This election is one of the most important in recent history. And the best way to understand the issues addressed in my book is to hear Trump in his own words.

If my interview in 2016 wasn’t a foreshadowing of the president we would see in the next four years, we got to know him in the tweets he sent out at an average of 16 a day. I culled through his tweets, which are considered official pronouncements from the president of the United States, to show what he says about several important topics. I am letting what Trump said speak for itself… read more 

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