“Connections. Make Them.” Now Think On This by Steve Martin

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, coming down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard, coming down upon the edge of his robes. It is like the dew of Hermon coming down upon the mountains of Zion; for there the Lord commanded the blessing – life forever.” Psalm 133, NASU

For a long time, a very long time, I have longed for the people of God, the Body of Christ, the ones we see in church every Sunday (or in far too many cases, used to see) to really come together. To have good connections in our midst. To have more than the usual Sunday greeting,

“How are you?”

“I am good.”

“Have a good week.”

Agree? If you do, then we can have confidence that the Lord Himself, the One Who created us, means it to be so much more than that.

When I left one international ministry to begin Love For His People in April of 2010, there was this “disconnect” with my friends there – the ones I had actually hired, grew together in the 5 years we had working together, and building something good in the Lord’s work, and in our lives. We had fellowship. We had friendship. We connected with each other.

And then it was gone. As if it almost had never happened. How wrong is that? Very.

But the Lord promised me He would give me new friends, new connections, new people who had the same desire and spirit as I had, to bond together and accomplish that which the Lord had assigned us to do. Together.

And 10 years later, He certainly has. He has fulfilled His promise. He has kept His word. He has given me, my good wife Laurie, and our family the best church family, the best friends, the best connections we have ever had (though Kevin Grafton in Illinois is STILL the Best Man after there 44 years and counting.)

Kevin Grafton – Peru, Illinois.
Best Man at our wedding. 10.07.77
Steve Martin & Kevin Grafton. When we had energy! 1978

It takes time. It takes the “give and take”. It required us, and others now connected with us, to give, and give, and give. And then we do receive, and receive, and receive even more.

Just this past Friday night three of my new friends, true men of God who also long to see our Lord’s Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven, traveled together for three hours, to make new connections with others of the same mind, the same spirit. (These men are David Peterman, who I fondly call “The Rabbi”, David Lauka, who is “The Cowboy” (hailing from the other nation in the USA – Texas), and our prophet friend, soon to be 80 years old, Mordechai (William Maynard) Porter. We call him Mordechai since our friends in Israel call him Mordechai.

(L-R) Steve Martin, Mordechai Porter, David Lauka.
(David Peterman,
The Rabbi” was sick that day!)
David “The Rabbi” Peterman, Steve Martin
“An Ahava Adventure” – L-R Steve Martin, David Lauka, Greg Partipilo, Lathan Wood
– Banias Waterfall trail in north Israel, Golan Sept. 2019

All I can say is, “WOW!” The Lord is doing His thing, and He is connecting each of us together to fulfill it.

He is also re-connecting. He is re-connecting the Jews, scattered over all the earth, back to their homeland, the promised land of Israel. It is called aliyah. That alone is a really awesome act of God, fulfilling prophetic words spoken by the prophets of old centuries ago. And it is happening in our lifetime!

Our Father, God of all, is also re-connecting Christians, separated in years gone by, injured and limping along, bringing them back to their place in His body, to be healed, delivered, and put back in commission.

That which the locust has eaten, He is restoring. He is connecting.

If you are out there, and you know who you are, and not a part of what the Lord is doing, I encourage you, I plead with you, “get back in the game”. Not the game of life that many people play and remain unfulfilled, day in and day out, but in the Lord’s plans and purposes for your life.

For those who have already, great! Keep giving. Keep receiving. Keep making those connections we have stronger. They will become even more vital, and necessary, in the days to come.

Do whatever you have to, to make the connections happen.

Now think on this.

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin


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Now Think On This #474 – in the year of our Lord 01.19.2020 – “Connections. Make Them.”  Sunday 6:30 am

Steve Martin

STEVE & LAURIE MARTIN - LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE FOUNDERS My good wife Laurie and I (45 years in October 2022!), through the ministry of Love For His People we founded in 2010, give love and support for our friends in Israel and in other nations with friendship, humanitarian aid, and social media support, along with Steve's messages, and our Ahava Adventures trips to Israel. Steve has also authored and published 35 books. We live in the Charlotte, NC area. We have four adult children, spouses, and eight grandkids.

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