“This Will Be Your Most Productive Season” by Lana Vawser

Identity Network Jan. 15, 2020

I heard the Lord say, “I am decreeing this will be your most productive season, but you must fight against distraction and keep your hands upon my assignment for your life.” The Lord has been speaking to me so much about the level of acceleration, momentum, occupying and building that is going to take place in 2020 and beyond. As I sought His heart I heard the Lord speak over the body of Christ “I am decreeing this will be your most productive season but you must fight against distraction.

When He spoke those words I had a vision and I saw assignments that the Lord has placed before God’s people in 2020 and this new era. Then as they went to step into these assignments and put their hands to these assignments I saw an intense level of distraction start to swirl around them. It wasn’t just one thing, it was one thing after another with the same result in every instance, God’s people were getting distracted from the assignments God had given them and they were not gaining any ground.                          

The Lord continued to show me that 2020 and beyond would be the most productive season, the greatest season of fruitfulness thus far but that productivity and fruitfulness came only from one place and it was the place of obedience and putting your hands to only what the Lord is leading you to. 

I heard the Lord say, “In this season of rapid acceleration, increase and momentum there will be many tests for the body of Christ. Some of these tests will be in the area of stewarding favor, others will be in following Me over the ways of man and others will be in the stewardship of time and fighting off distraction. What My people need to know is that there is an assignment sent by the enemy to distract in this new era of acceleration.”  

“You have to fight for the ground that I am giving you.”  

God is requiring an intentional focus from His people in this season. An intentional focus upon Him, upon where He is leading and building and on the assignments He is releasing.  

Friends, only get BUSY in this season doing what He has asked you to do. The Lord showed me that many are going to learn the word “no” in greater ways than they have before.  I heard the Lord say “Pay attention to the areas where the distractions are trying to keep you from, for these are the areas of your greatest productivity and fruitfulness with Me in 2020 and beyond.” 

Prioritize Your Time with Me. The Enemy Wants You Running on Empty.

“But Jesus often slipped away from them and went into the wilderness to pray.” (Luke 5:16 – TPT) 

No matter the deadlines, no matter the pressures, the “to do list,” lay it aside and prioritize your time with the Lord. Distractions are coming thick and heavy against the secret place for many because the enemy wants you running on empty. 

I heard the Lord say, “As you prioritize time with Me, you will do more in a day by the empowerment of My Spirit than you could physically do in the natural.”  The key to fighting distraction is living from the place of deep intimacy with Him.

However that “Prioritizing time with Jesus” looks like, it is those moments of deep connection with Him and knowing Him, encountering Him and the revelation of His Word that will fuel you for what is ahead.  There is a deep supernatural rest that is flowing from the secret place with Him that will carry you into these new assignments with great peace, empowerment, joy, vision and strength like never before.  

The Lord also showed me that there will be some opportunities and doors that will be presented to you in 2020 and this new era that will be and look amazing but the Lord will say “no” and the Lord will ask you to block out that time for Him and to be with Him instead, to “come away.” Draw away with Him and be with Him. Do not ‘fear’ opportunities missed, for greater is the reward of HIM, seeing Him and knowing Him than the door before you.

From that place greater things will open up for you, He will do more than the door that was before you. He is wooing and drawing His people deeper into the place of first love and loving Him and His ways above anything else.  

Ask for Clear Vision of Your Assignments  

For many, many years now I have had a regular time set with the Lord at the end of every year to gain His heart, perspective, wisdom and blueprint for the following year.  The Lord showed me one way to defeat distraction is to ask for clear vision of your assignments and what the Lord is asking you to do. As you live in the placing of asking for and receiving the divine wisdom of God (James 1:5) knowing your assignments and moving in the direction that He is moving.  

The Lord is releasing and will continue to release such clear vision for 2020 and beyond that you will not have to guess where to put your YES, He will make it crystal clear. I heard the Lord say “Be careful in 2020 and beyond to not get BUSY even with GOOD things because they will take away from the fruitfulness I am leading you in, in the areas I AM breathing upon.” “There are NEW vineyards and grounds I will have you tend in this new era. Just because they are new and unfamiliar does not mean they are not Me. In all things seek My direction and wisdom and I will lead you.” 

I Heard the Lord Say, “Do Not Be Led By the Crowd, Be Led By Me.” 

As I continued to seek His heart I heard Him whisper “Do not be led by the crowd, by led by Me.” There is such a weighty urgency in the spirit that I feel for 2020 and beyond to be led by the Spirit of God and where he is moving and what He is doing and not led by what’s “expected or popular.” Follow Jesus and where He is leading you in 2020 even if you don’t understand and you are walking against the crowd.  

The greatest fruitfulness and harvest fields are upon the body of Christ, the greatest season of divine productivity is here in this season of acceleration but it is coming in some unexpected directions and ways. It’s coming in a place of stepping into new realms of divine innovation.  There is a call right now from the Lord to step away from alignments that are not part of your assignment. To align your YES with the assignment of God for your life for 2020 and this new era.

There is a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God upon the people of God right now to move us into a place of the greatest fruitfulness and divine productivity of our lives but it comes with a call to obey and place our hands upon only what He is building and run after it with intentionality, conviction and purity in stewardship. 

Lana Vawser


Steve Martin

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