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Adding to the Miracles of Israel

FEATURED PHOTO: An aerial view of Burma Road surrounded on both sides by rich forests. Burma Road links Kibbutz Hulda and Jerusalem and was built during Israel’s War of Independence (Shutterstock).
There is hope for a tree; If it is cut down it will renew itself; Its shoots will not cease
Job 14:7 (The Israel Bible™)

כִּי יֵשׁ לָעֵץ תִּקְוָה אִם־יִכָּרֵת וְעוֹד יַחֲלִיף וְיֹנַקְתּוֹ לֹא תֶחְדָּל
Hear the verse in Hebrew

KEE YAYSH la-AYTZ tik-VAH im yi-ka-RAYT v’-OD ya-kha-LEEF v’-yo-nak-TO LO tekh-DAL

In Israel, trees represent life. When the Children of Israel are in exile, the land becomes barren and desolate. When the Children of Israel return to their ancestral homeland, the land blossoms and flourishes. Now that the Children of Israel have returned to the land, the trees have bloomed.

The barren deserts are alive with greenery. Israel365 loves adding to the miracles of Israel by planting trees across this land. This year, we are visiting communities across the country to strengthen and beautiful them by planting trees.

Join us in this special mission and create an eternal bond with God’s holy land. New Video! Israel365 Plants Trees In Givat Aleph WATCH

NEW VIDEO! New Trees For The Settlement of Maoz Esther WATCH

Join Israel365 In Our Mission Of Planting Trees Across This Holy Land PLANT WITH US
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