9,000 March Against Abortion in Chicago, National March Coming January 24

01-13-2020 CBN News Paul Strand

March for Life 2019 (Photo: CBN News)

The National March for Life launches from the National Mall in Washington, DC Friday, January 24th. But Chicago got a jump on things, already holding March for Life Chicago 2020 this past weekend.

The theme was “Pro-Life is Pro-Woman,” a slogan embraced by Alex Lehan of the student group weDignify.  She told the crowd of roughly 9,000, “I march today because I understand that abortion does not empower women. Empowerment is not the destruction of motherhood.”

Abortion almost killed keynote speaker Claire Culwell, and did destroy her twin sister, ripped apart in the womb by a dismemberment abortion meant to end both their lives.  Culwell said, “I am excited to fight for children like my twin, for women like my birth mother.”

’61 Million is Enough’

Dr. Rev. Matthew Harrison, head of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, asked, “If we’re doing prenatal surgery on one child in one operating theater and dismembering one in the other to throw away, this does not make sense, does it?  61 million is enough, don’t you think?”

Pro-life lawmaker Rep. Daniel Lipinski, an Illinois Democrat, assured the crowd he and his allies in the US Congress will keep fighting against abortion. 

“We are going to change the laws, we are going to change hearts and minds, and we are going to make this a pro-life nation,” Lipinski declared.

Obstetrician/gynecologist Dr. Karen Deighan of Loyola University Medical Center stated, “Science is on our side. Life begins at conception. Our collective voices must be heard.”

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