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Jan. 1, 2019
US Embassy Siege in Baghdad Led by Obama Associate
Amiri was part of a delegation from the Iraqi government visiting the White House in December 2011 at which President Obama proudly announced the end of the Iran-Iraq War

Lawfare Project Offers Anti-Semitic Attack Victims Pro Bono Legal Services “We’re here to help victims navigate the criminal-justice system and make sure their interests are represented,” said The Lawfare Project. “If you or someone you know has been the victim of an anti-Semitic attack, please contact us today.”

Good News for Israeli Small Businesses in 2020: New Bank to Lend up to ILS 200,000 at a 5% Fixed Interest Rate Ogen’s new business loans are funded by social impact investors from Israel and around the world

[WATCH] IDF Wraps Up Accomplishments in 2019 In under 2 minutes, the Israeli Defense Forces highlights some of their biggest accomplishments in 2019

[ICYMI] Is ‘Bent Tree’ Discovered in Israel Proof of Isaiah’s Prophecy? “The meaning of the word ‘fall/felled’ in this context is not that the leaves fall, since there is virtually no foliage in these Alon trees. But the implication is that the tree is uprooted from its roots, as a result of the winds such as the one in the picture.”

Political Games at the Hague By Gerald Steinberg
Most well-intentioned international political initiatives do not end well, and the International Criminal Court is no exception

No More Sitting Ducks: Jews Need to Learn Self-Defense By David Suissa

Every Single Article I Write About the Messiah’s Arrival is Truth–Even If He Isn’t Here Yet By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz
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